Crossing the Pond for the Pigskin: A European Athlete’s Guide to American Football Success

Strategies for European Athletes Seeking a Home in American Football American football, a sport dominated by the National Football League (NFL) and worshipped by millions in the United States, can seem an impenetrable fortress to those looking to make their mark from overseas. However, over the years, we’ve seen a trickle of international players not […]

Sweat and Substance: Building Character in the Weightroom

“Sweat and Substance” is about exploring the intersection of physical fitness and personal development. We delve into the transformative power of exercise, not just as a means to sculpt the body, but as a tool to build character, resilience, and mental strength.   Targeting fitness enthusiasts, athletes, personal growth seekers, and anyone looking to improve […]

9 Strategies for High School Athletes to Garner Recruitment Attention

If you are a competitive athlete that really believes in yourself, then you probably have dreams of getting recruited to a prestigious college sports program. But what if the coaches aren’t knocking on your door? Don’t worry, Here are 9 ways you can start getting the attention from schools: . Create a sports resume that […]

The Power of Creatine for Female Athletes: 4 Benefits for Better Performance

Creatine has long been a popular supplement for bodybuilders and male athletes, but less realized are the extreme benefits for the female athlete as well. There are multiple benefits when it comes to improving athletic performance, including increased strength, greater speed, and faster recovery time. When taken appropriately, creatine an be a powerful agent in […]

The Recovery Dilemma: Are BCAA’s Effective for High School Athletes?

Being a high school athlete can be challenging. You have to juggle your time between schoolwork, training sessions, and games. With a packed schedule, it’s crucial that you take care of your body to stay in top form and prevent injuries. Recovery is key for any athlete, and nutrition plays a vital role in it. […]

Calf Strength: A Potential Solution for Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common issue among athletes and active individuals, and it can be caused by a variety of factors. But while many focus on strengthening the quadriceps to help support the knee joint, the calf muscles are often overlooked. However, the calf muscles play a crucial role in knee strength, as they help […]

Going Beyond 40: The New Fitness Depth for the Middle Aged Man

I like to believe that people go through seasons in life: youth years, adolescence, teenage years, your 20’s, 30’s and so on. At each of these stages, what you value also evolves, affecting the areas in life you choose to invest time and energy into improving. For those of us who are lifelong exercise enthusiasts, […]

Should Female Athletes Not NOT Bench Press? 4 Reasons Why You Should

When it comes to female athletes, there seems to be a lot of myths surrounding the exercises they should and shouldn’t do. One of the most common misconceptions is that bench pressing is not healthy for women, and can be detrimental to shoulder health. However, the truth is that bench pressing can be incredibly beneficial […]

4 Reasons Why Women in Their 30’s and up NEED to Strength Train

As a woman in your 30’s, you might have started to notice that keeping a toned, healthy, and fit physique requires more effort compared to your early 20’s. Age-related muscle loss, busy schedules, and the responsibilities of family life, even stress can make it tough to prioritize exercise and muscle building. However, making strength training […]

Debunking the Myths of Social Media Training Landscape and the Impact On Young Athletes

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it’s about connecting with friends and family, following our favorite celebrities, or staying in touch with the latest trends and news, social media has made it possible. However, social media has brought about a new era of information and knowledge sharing that has […]

Breaking the Barrier: Unleashing the Potential of Athletes through Speed Training

The importance of speed training for every athlete cannot be overemphasized. Speed is a critical factor in almost every sporting activity, from sprinting races to basketball games and football matches. But, beyond the need to improve your speed, speed training has a more fundamental importance that goes beyond the physical. It may come as a […]

Observations and Thoughts on the Fitness-Scape in Hungary

Having lived just over a year in here in Budapest, there are a few consistencies here that I have noticed I strongly believe that not only keep training professionals from reaching their fullest potential, but also their clients the results they deserve. Now, not EVERY trainer that I have seen falls into the forthcoming categories, […]

Use it Or Lose It: In Season Training

As an athlete, ensuring you maintain your speed during your sport season is crucial. Doing so will ensure that you maintain peak performance, build endurance and prevent injuries. However, failing to train during your sport season could lead to a decrease in speed, performance, and overall endurance. In this post, we will discuss why it […]

Don’t Say I Didn’t Toe’d You About It: Big Toe Strength for More Power

Yes I went there for this title. But lets get into it really quickly. Competitive athletes are always looking for new ways to improve their performance on the field or court. One area that is often overlooked when it comes to improving athletic performance is the strength of the big toe. This small digit can […]

Accelerate Your Sprint Performance: How Focusing on Lower Back Strength Can Make the Difference

Speed can be everything for competitive athletes, particularly those in year-round sports. Sprinting is an essential, yet trainable skill for athletes that compete in a variety of sports, such as track, football, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball to name a few. An athlete’s sprint speed can be the difference between scoring the winning goal or getting […]

Core Crusaders: How Focusing on Core Training Revolutionizes Overhead Athletic Performance

When it comes to sports, especially those that involve a lot of overhead movement, a strong core is essential. It may not be the first muscle group that comes to mind when you hear the term “overhead athlete,” but weak core can have something like a butterfly effect throughout the rest of the kinetic chain, […]

Why Strength Training is Crucial for Athletes During Their Season

Being an athlete requires not only physical strength but also mental toughness, and to achieve that, athletes need to undergo physical training. Strength training is a vital aspect of the preparation an athlete needs to undergo before a competition. However, for some athletes, especially high school students, they find it challenging to balance strength training […]

Rebuild and Renew: Taking Control of Your Life after Divorce

Empower Yourself: Why Divorced Women in Their Mid 40s and Above Should Try Strength Training   Divorce can be a tough experience for anyone, especially women, who may find themselves overwhelmed and lost in the wake of the emotional, financial, and physical tolls of divorce. But don’t despair—one thing that is for sure to help? […]

Power Up Your Workout: The Science Behind Music and Exercise 🎧🏋️‍♂️

If you are an athlete looking to truly get the most out of your workout, then you should definitely have a good playlist on deck. Listening to music can have a huge impact on how you train, improving performance and providing motivation and eliminating distraction.   Fast Pace. High Intensity   The research has proven […]

Get Ready for Liftoff: Strengthening Your Core for Lifting Success

It’s no secret that having a strong core can improve your overall athleticism and performance. Proximal stiffness, the ability for your body to create tension throughout its midsection, is key to distal mobility – the ability of your extremities to move freely without restriction. This means that in order to maximize efficiency and power output […]

THE TORQUED PODCAST: Proactivate Your Recruiting Process

It can feel like a lonely. You are not getting the collegiate looks that you feel you deserve, and the clock is running. Desolate. This means its time to take action and be proactive. If you are that unsigned athlete who feels you have what it takes to play collegiately, but the recruiting is going […]

Thrive in The Heat: Electrolytes

Electrolyte supplementation for Athletes Training in Humidity It’s summertime and many athletes are beginning their training regimens, but when it comes to competing in the heat and humidity of the season, adequate hydration is essential for athleticism and performance. While traditional water intake may not be enough to replace lost electrolytes from sweat during some […]

Artificial Intelligence in Fitness: Pros and Cons

As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, artificial intelligence is making its way into every aspect of our lives. One of the areas where AI is becoming increasingly popular is fitness training. AI-powered fitness apps and devices are advancing and in a way, transforming the way we work out, providing “personalized” coaching, tracking […]

THE TORQUED PODCAST: Training While Injured

Why do I see so many athletes in high school completely stop training, not to be confused with practice, after suffering small injuries? Is it a good idea? In this episode, Coach Willis discusses a brief strategy for a stronger comeback for injury.

3 Ways Wrist strengthening will improve golf Game

  One of the subtle strength nuances often NOT thought of in terms of improving your golf swing is wrist strength. And no not for just firm handshakes after closing that deal at the country club. Breaking down the swing, your wrists play a pivotal role in club face control, which determines the direction and […]

3 Reasons to consider taking an Electrolyte Powder during training

Electrolyte powders are nutritional supplements that have become increasingly popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. These powders are typically made with a combination of minerals and electrolytes that help to replenish the body’s natural supply of these nutrients during or after intense physical activity. In this article, we will look at three reasons why you […]

How Physical Injury Mentally Affects Athletes

How a Physical Injury Mentally Affects Athletes As athletes, we often think of physical injuries as only affecting our physical abilities. However, it is important to recognize the significant impact that physical injuries can have on an athlete’s mental health. Whether it is a minor sprain or a major injury requiring surgery, physical injuries can […]

Top 3 Reasons Soccer Athletes Should Strength Train

Soccer is a physically demanding sport that requires a combination of skill, endurance, and strength. While many soccer athletes focus on honing their skills and improving their endurance, strength training is often overlooked. However, incorporating strength training into a soccer athlete’s training regimen can have numerous benefits. In this article, we will discuss the top […]

What is an N.S.V. (A Fitness Reward You Never Hear About)

Congrats to you if you have ever experienced any of the following after committing to an exercise program: • Better sleep • Deserved feeling of accomplishment. • Less depression • increased strength • More tone and definition • Improved appetite • more energy throughout the day • More mental clarity • Less random joint pain […]

The Chicken and The Bull Story

A chicken was one time chatting with a bull. ” It’d be really cool if I could climb up this tree and sit on this branch, But I don’t have the energy to do it.” The bull looks at the chicken and said “You can try nibbling on my droppings, and you will get stronger, […]

The Torqued Podcast: The Chicken and the Bull

What does a chicken eating bullsh#t have to do with your health and fitness? Listen in on this short story.    

Torqued Podcast Episode 2: The Underrated Aspect of Fitness

In this short, Coach Willis discusses probably one of the most extreme benefits of training and fitness. What are your thoughts? Comment below.

Increase Your Squat Strength with These 2 Exercises

The first exercise that comes to mind for most people when in comes to lower body strength is the barbell squat. Of course, there are an extreme amount of benefits to this exercise, however overloading the spine prematurely for individuals who might not efficiently be able to can compromise gains. There are certain variations to […]

Torque’d Interview Series: Oregon Offensive Line Coach A’lique Terry

Torque’d is a series of interviews and stories of athletes, coaches, and professionals in world of sports and sports culture. We had the opportunity to interview Coach A’lique Terry, now assistant coach at the University of Oregon where he is the offensive line coach. The prior season, Coach Terry was an assistant Defensive line coach […]

A Few Words for the Up and Coming Athlete

Here are some random pieces of advice for the rising athlete: The one who usually wins the competition are the ones who devote time to preparing better. Have a good support system around you. It makes all of the difference. Social media is a stream of snapshots of people’s PERCEIVED lives. Don’t be fooled or […]

Fitness Routine Structure for 32-year Olds and Up

Because I often get asked what type of workouts do I do, or that I recommend others do, I wanted to put together a few short principles that I go by that could help those of you in your mid 30’s and up get started on the simple track. Activation —-> Nervous System —–> Strength/Power […]


Aside from elite athletes, we are also privileged to work with elite minded individuals in our Adult Performance program who combine competitiveness, innovation, and a mental savvy to achieve success. In line with their principled approach to life and business, is their approach, determination, and consistency to the gym. This months client spotlight, we would like highlight […]

The TORQUED Podcast Episode 1: The Performance Mistake

In the first Torqued Podcast Episode, Coach Willis discusses the deficit between Athlete Development, and Sport Skills Development for today’s amateur athletes in the U.S. Could you do us a favor? If you enjoyed this short podcast, could you please share? Thank you    


We want to congratulate FIVE of our athletes on their recent collegiate commitments: Brooke Kelly/ Lacrosse / Marietta HS Avery Hudson/ Lacrosse/ Mount Paran Christian Aria Hannon/ Lacrosse/  Hillgrove High School Marleigh Belinfanti / Lacrosse / Hillgrove High School Marian Collins / Softball / Mount Paran Christian    

Master Simplicity

I think a lot of times, you might get it confused that it takes CRAZY talent to stand out in your sport.   I can tell you straight up that that is wrong.   Believe it or not, there are many not so great athletes in the NFL, but there are GREAT football players in […]

Most Trainers Don’t Study Exercise

Most “trainers” don’t know what the hell they are doing. Quite a thing to say, I know. But it’s not their fault. It’s the perpetual absorption and the speed and unregulated promulgation of info that circulates on social media. We humans have a tendency to not always believe what is true but believe more the […]

Battle of the Wolves: A Parable on Life and Fitness

An Indian Chief was teaching his grandson about life. “There is a battle going on inside of me,” he was telling his grandson. “It is an intense fight between two wolves, each trying vigorously to win. One wolf is evil, filled with hate, envy, ego, temper, regret, worry, anxiety, self loathing, pessimism, and greed. The […]

A Few Things the Serious Athlete Should Practice

Just some thoughts for the serious athlete in todays sport landscape… • You are either getting better at something everyday, or you are not. Simple • Decide that you would rather excel at the sport, rather than just be on the team • For those of you wanting to play in college, there is a […]

Some Thoughts on Fitness

These are a random list of thoughts for those of you who are either considering exercise after a long time, or just need some encouraging words. • The hardest part is the start. It gets easier • Don’t overthink it, just get going • Sustainability beats motivation. It’s hard for you to continue if the […]

So You Wanna Play Sports in College? Q & A with a D1 Powerhouse Coach

One of the most storied football programs in al of college football, The University of Miami has produced not only some of the biggest names in collegiate football, but also to ever come through the NFL. They pioneered swagger and a championship culture in the mid to late 80’s, and were an unstoppable force from […]

The Injured Athlete: A Time For Comeback

The first thing to be said about injury is that they can never be completely prevented, despite the term injury prevention. They can be acute, happening in a single moment, or long term created from overuse and lack of awareness. For competitive athletes however, this does NOT have to mean the end. Similar to a […]

3 Hard Truths About Today’s Fitness Culture

The fitness landscape over the past decade or two has become one of the most disappointing, yet promising industries. A stark contrast that creates disillusion, to the extent that much of the fitness promulgation is almost based on the same premises that magicians use: misdirection. What you see (and hear) is not always what is […]

Breaking Down the Single Leg Glute Bridge

The glute bridge, also known as the hip thrust, are one of the most common exercises used to increase glute strength, and “butt” size. What some may NOT know however are how different mechanical variations can cause different, and deeper contractions at and around the targeted area. The glutei muscles themselves are composed of the […]

Exercise Breakdown: The Banded Reverse Hyper with External Hip Rotation

The reverse hyper over the years has become a staple in many training facilities, especially crossfit. But just like any other device in the gym, they are tools that when implemented and executed accordingly, they are effective. Usually, users don’t too much consider the biomechanical differences of foot position, the angle of force from the […]

Restarting Exercise After Covid ? 3 Things You Should Know

So, You Want Get Back Training After Covid; A Few Things to Know   It’s safe to acknowledge the damage that Covid has had on us physically, economically, and emotionally the past 2 years. This is one for the textbooks. The virus itself further highlights the weight of what being in control of your health […]

3 Mistakes High School Athletes Make In Season

High school athletes typically have some of the most demanding schedules than your non sport teenager. On top of school, exams, studying, and social life, athletes are subject to hours long practices, games, tournaments, not to mention club team practice if they are playing travel. Circumstances like this create a mental and physical demand that […]

The Core Engaged Step Up [Video]

Crunches. Bicycle Twists. Reverse Crunch. Leg Raises. Planks. At some point in your journey to either get a “stronger core” or “toned abs” you probably have done those. Did they work? If not, here is a way you can integrate those same muscles into actual exercise effectively. Think outside of traditional. Check out the breakdown […]

Are You A Thrower That Forgets to Train This?

Rotational athletes are categorized as athletes that heavily recruit the musculature of the trunk in high-speed situations for athletic skills. This would include sports such as lacrosse, baseball, softball, combat sports like boxing, tennis, any throwing athletes, and even swimmers. Regarding strength training to perform at a high level for these types of athletes, most […]

The Split Squat with Lateral Band Pull [Video]

You have most likely at some point, if you were able to, done the split squat exercise. It is known as an effective exercise for the “lower body” that really works the quads and glutes. And it for sure does do that. However, how does the effect of the exercise change when you start manipulating […]

Core Training: Have You Been Doing Crunches Like This? [Video]

How do you measure the effectiveness of a “core” exercise? Are you certain that it is even working the targeted area? Many of the traditional exercises that we have come to know when in comes to core strength are pretty much exercises that we see and hear most commonly and have accepted as THE exercises […]

Sustainability: A Major Contributing Factor to Fitness Failure

You have finally made the decision to start bettering your health. It’s been on your mind for the past 6 months, and then you finally decide that it’s time to start. You’ve done some research on a few gyms, so you have maybe one or two places in mind: The Big Box gym, and the […]

6 Types of Trainers: What You Should Know Before Spending Your Money with One

6 Types of Trainers and What You Should Know Before Buying Chances are, when you think of the term fitness trainer, the idea that comes to mind is a very fit person with tightly fit clothes that accentuate their body type, standing there with you one on one and instructing you on what to do. […]

Be Selfish About Your Fitness

This past month I was in Miami to attend a highly regarded training science clinic. It was excellent and hands down the most educational one I have ever been too. The instructor made some good points about successful clients, and not so successful clients when it came to prioritization. What do you put first? What […]

Training for Low Back Strength [Video]

When you think core, you most likely think abs, or how long you can plank for. The truth is, the core is made up of an intricate system of both larger and smaller muscles around the spine that create stability with or without movement. Essentially it is too difficult to isolate just ONE area of […]

Skill Development vs. Athlete Development

There are 2 things that you should distinguish when it comes to really exceling at your sport. There is a difference between practicing your sport skill, and becoming a better athlete. Firstly let me say this: Let’s assume that “Better athlete” here refers to becoming stronger, more explosive, faster, mentally stronger, more endurance if necessary. […]

Should You Do Bootcamp, Virtual, Smart gym, or Personal Training? The Truth Behind Each.

I will start this one off by saying that not all training is created equal. Yes exercise is exercise, but the way that it is experienced can mean a whole different thing for your results. For the most part, we all realize at some point that we need to be in better shape than we […]

Sacrifice: A Few Things We Can Learn from Two GOATs

What are you willing to sacrifice? If you have not already accepted Tom Brady or Lebron James as ONE of the greatest to ever do it on their respective sports, then you should. TB is in his forties, literally one of the oldest in the league, and just brought home his 7th SB win. LeBron […]

The Exhausted Woodcutter: A Short Story on Production

There was once a strong woodcutter who was hired by a timber merchant. The woodcutter was very excited about his new job and was determined to put forth his best effort and show what he can do. The boss gave him an axe, and took him to the work site. On his first day, the […]

4 Ways to Increase Your Speed

Every athlete can benefit from increasing speed, power, and or explosion. Some athletes are “born” with natural speed while others have to really work for it. But here are a few things about creating speed that you should know: 1.) Even though some people are naturally fast, speed can definitely be trained and developed. While […]

A Few Words on Winning the Day

Are you calculating your day? Your week? How do you know if you are edging closer towards your goals? As a competitive athlete, or simply a competitive person, finding ways to dominate the day is not optional. Whether you are trying to outdo your competition, or outdo yourself from the day before, finding ways to […]

Is there a BEST exercise in fitness?

I am asked frequently “What is the best exercise in order for me to [fill in the blank]? People want that ONE simple answer to a very complex question. The reality of it is, is that there are many considerations that go into this question. In this short video, I talk a little more about […]

4 Reasons Why Your Training Program May Be Failing You

There is no shortage of fitness training and methodology floating around in world. People’s idea of what it means to be fit has been predominantly dispersed from unreliable sources, like “social influencers”, or the first article that pops up on a google search, or some shaky piece of information that was passed along from a […]

Exercise Video Breakdown: Banded Crossover Step

Resistance bands can be key implements in adding dynamic motions to exercise. They are also simple to set up, and effective in muscle recruitment. In this video we are going to break down the Banded Lateral Crossover Steps, the benefits, and the mechanical breakdown. A great one to incorporate into your program whether and athlete […]

Glutamine: The Science Behind It and The Performance Benefit for Athletes

You are walking in your local nutrition store, and you float on down the protein supplement aisle. You may pass up some different Whey proteins, you will most definitely walk by a Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement or two, and then you come across a few bottles with the title Glutamine on it. Or maybe […]

Quesshions foh’ Fitness

Have You Ever Asked Yourself Any of These Fitness Questions? Chances are You Have. Every other month or so, I put together a 7 Minute long presentation and present it to associates on various fitness, performance, or strength and conditioning topics to help educate them. Earlier this week, I answer several commonly asked questions ranging […]

The Pogo Hop: An Ankle Drill with Massive Impact for Your Speed ! [Video]

When it comes to speed drills, not many people will consider the significance of ankle and foot strength, and the literal impact it has on an athlete’s speed. In this video, I cover a Pogo hop drill variation that helps to increase the threshold of ankle strength that can directly translate to improved speed, acceleration, […]

The Walk-On Mentality: How True Walk-Ons Show Leadership

Walk-ons of any sport have to play with a chip on their shoulder. Their roster spot is not guaranteed. If you ever witness a true walk on training with the rest of their team, what you will see is a player who radiates big effort in everything that they do. They have no choice. Because […]

The Scoop on Creatine: Everything You Need to Know to Reap the Benefits

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements taken today to help with packing on size and improving performance. And for good reason. Most people however are not too familiar with the specifics of creatine, how to take, and when to take properly. When understood, creatine can be one of the most beneficial supplements  to […]

4 Reasons Why To Consider BCAAs If You Are a HARDCORE Athlete

If you are in any type of heavy gym or training environment, it is guaranteed at some point you have seen someone pull out some type of BCAA supplement, mix some powder into a shaker with water, and shake like crazy until the water transforms into a protein elixir. “BCAA’s bro they help you get […]

4 Keys to Unlocking Maximum Fitness Results for the Novice

People tend to make getting in shape over complicated. It does not have to be. Here are 4 things to keep in mind as you continue your fitness journey: 1.) Set A goal Essentially, work towards something. And make sure that something is realistic but challenging. It is easier to become discouraged and get lost […]

A Great Core Exercise to Add to Your Workout

If you have a few spare Kettlebells laying around, or you have access to them at your local gym, look in to adding this exercise to your routine to help shred and strengthen your core. And if you are feeling lost in your gym and don’t know where to start to get the results you […]


8 months ago we began a plan to start engineering our very own supplement line. We didn’t just want to create a basic line that had no integrity, or quality product behind it, but a product that was certified, high quality, well researched and studied, and most importantly delivered results to people who needed it […]

Success Is No Accident: Being Intentional About What You Want

“I became the best on accident.” That even sounds funny saying this out loud. Every person, athlete that I know who excels at what they do got there on purpose. They made a conscious decision that I am going to do what it takes and focus on that until it happens. There is no such […]

Mechanical or Electrical: Using RPR to Awaken Your Glute

When you hear of exercises to activate the glute, you often think of doing monster band walks, hip bridges, clams, or something related. Surely if you have been to your local PT office, they probably have had you doing something along these lines. While each of those exercise serve their role, occasionally they may not […]

How Covid-19 Will Forever Change the Training Industry

My brother and I were having a conversation the other week and he asked me how I thought this pandemic would change the training landscape in the future. I outlined a few things and would like to hear your opinion on my thoughts. 1.) Whether the shelter in place is lifted or not, things won’t […]

A Few Thoughts on How The Coronavirus Affects Certain Athletes

Here a few thoughts that I had about this whole stay at home ordeal, and what it will reveal about you as an athlete. 1.) If you were the type of athlete that always had to have someone get on you in order to put some real work in, you are going to fall behind. […]

Tone Up with These 4 Exercises Right from Home

The lockdown is real. The majority of gyms have closed down indefinitely. So you might not have access to all of the equipment that you use, and are in a bind on finding exercises besides burpees and crunches to get good work in. Welp, here are 4 exercises that you can do with just socks, […]

6 Things That Affect Your Immune System Performance [Infographic]

Zoom Call Series: Injury Prevention and Staying Primed

As part of an exclusive video interview series that I am hosting with multiple guests prominent in the area, in our first segment we are joined by Dr. Devono Norton of Spark Pro and Rehab located in Kennesaw, GA. Dr. Norton has worked with hundreds of athletes to help prime them to perform and function […]

How My First Homerun Lead to Striking Out: A Lesson on Being Consistent.

My first experience playing organized sports was playing baseball. It was my first time playing anything competitively. Now, I was never the best player on the team, but I was pretty athletic. Though at the time, I did not understand how unique the sport of baseball was.. And I’ll never forget my first home run. […]

Corona Virus: 4 Preventative Health Steps to Reduce Chances

Well, as we all know at this point, much of the world is on edge about the Corona virus that, according to the media, seems to be spreading like wild fire. The fact of the matter, it is spreading quickly. However, I don’t believe it is any reason to panic, BUT that does not mean […]

Fun in The Sun: Getting Vitamin D

The cold winter weather and increased cloudy days might keep us inside. Maybe you work in an office where you have little to no chance to get outside. Perhaps you are a student at a school that doesn’t have PE outside regularly. I want to encourage you to get outside as much as you can. […]

The SIX Traits Necessary to Become a Successful Collegiate Athlete

There are a good amount of athletes at the high school level who may have what it takes physically to play at a higher level, whether that be Division 1 or Division 3. However, there are a good majority of athletes who might lack the intangible assets necessary to excel at a higher level and […]

Are You Building The Right Way?

I shared this post a few years ago exclusively to my email list as part of the weekly motivational series that I send out. It had one of the best responses and the message still holds true today. In fact, its timeless. It’s about the power of your daily decisions. Enjoy *************** There is a […]

Guaranteeing Your Own Success Through Daily Mini-Habit Strategy

Bare Minimum: Why You Are Guaranteed Success Creating Mini Habits [4 Part Mini-Course] A few weeks ago I spoke about the importance of setting mini-habits. In sum, it’s all about breaking down the big goal into actionable smaller steps that can be done daily. But these are more than just words. There is a science. […]

Are Recruiting Services Worth It For Athletes? My 2 Cents.

My thoughts on Recruiting Services for High School Athletes One evening as I sat down in my office finishing up a consult with a parent and her son who was a football player, the mother asked me what my opinion was on hiring recruiting services to help her kid get more looks from schools. My […]

Training vs. Working Out: Which One Are You Doing?

Is there a Difference Between Exercise and Training? Most people have their idea or version of getting fit. You basically go to the gym, or roll out your exercise mat and perform a compilation of exercises that typically are enough to get your heart rate up and potentially make you sweat. It’s physical activity. Despite […]

24 Life Lessons Inspired by the Departure of Kobe Bryant

It’s been just over a week since basketball great Kobe Bryant tragically passed along with 8 other people along with his daughter aboard a helicopter crash. As extremely unfortunate as that ordeal has been, it definitely puts things into perspective for me personally about how fragile life is, what’s really important for a meaningful life, […]

New Year, New You…But With Specific Goals.

The New Year marks a time for reflection on the past and goal setting for the future. Many of us strive to make this year better than the last. While others around you are making unrealistic and outlandish goals, I want to take the time to set SMART goals. This type of goal allows you […]

A Word From Coach Willis: 9 Takeaways from 2019

Firstly, I wanted to wish you a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year ! Both personally and professionally, 2019 has been one of the biggest learning experiences in my life to date. As a father, a husband, a coach, a businessman, and as a person. It has been all about striving to keep balance, […]

The WHEY to Maximize Your Workout

By JOANNA AMSTELVEEN, MS,RD,CSSD,LDN Often times we go to the gym consistently, change our workout routines before hitting a plateau, yet still cannot achieve the results we want. You are dedicated to a life of health and fitness by eating right and exercise, yet others seem to outperform you. If you are looking for a […]

My Thoughts on Heart Rate Guided Training for Fitness

The other week I was asked on what my thoughts were on using Heart Rate monitors to completely to guide training. There are some users who believe that it is the end all be all of getting great results, while others like myself think it can be effective if used correctly. Like I always say […]

How to Reverse Engineer Your Goals For Stronger Results

Working backwards from your fitness goals is an effective method to getting you to the end goal. Essentially, you are reverse engineering the process. It forces you to consider the obstacles that may arise and do an assessment of your current circumstance. If my goal were to drop another 15 pounds in 3 months, then […]

3 Holiday Eating Tips written by Joanna Castriotta MS,RD, CSSN, LDN

What is your favorite part of the holiday season? I absolutely love being with family. The laughter, creating new memories and sharing past experiences is something that I look forward to each year. For some, this can be a stressful time of year trying to make sure everything is perfect. At times, it seems like […]

3 Resistant Band Pulling Progressions to Add to Your Workout

Plenty effective exercises can be done with minimal equipment using a simple resistant band. Bands offer an accommodating resistance as tension increases the more the band is stretched, recruiting more muscles to complete the range of motion. Depending on body position, and the angle and height of the band, you can recruit more muscles on […]

3 Recovery Supplements to Try After Intense Training

I often tell my athletes and clients, that when they hit the gym, you aren’t actually getting stronger WHILE you work out. You get stronger in the days you rest away from the gym. This is why, aside from having a legitimate training program to follow, that you have proper recovery strategies in place to […]

Make a Plan to Succeed

Have a plan in place. Research has proven that when we EXPLICITLY formulate a plan for attaining a goal, you are more likely to overcome the obstacles that may arise. That means if you want to create better conditions to succeed, being intentional with your planning is key. It will take more than just SAYING […]

SNACK ATTACK: How to Create Good Snacking Habits Throughout the Day

Written By Joanna Amstelveen MS,RD, CSSN, LDN Many of us have seen the Snickers commercial with the signature phrase, “You aren’t you when you’re hungry… grab a Snickers”. Besides being a funny commercial, I think there is some truth to it. Who do we become when we are hungry? I become impatient, cranky and have […]


Joanna Amstelveen and WPT are partnering to offer a full service solution for clients and athletes to have the elite expertise in training and nutrition to help maximize fitness and performance. It is safe to say that nutrition plays a vital role in your body composition goals, as well as your performance goals. How you […]

5 Tips to Help Beat Sugar Cravings (Video)

We all get them at some point (at least us normal people). You all of a sudden crave chocolate, or that piece of leftover cake, heck maybe even a pack of sour skittles or a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. Ok that’s me. Either way it happens, and there are ways to better manage it. […]

The Kiro Core: A Powerful Tool to Create Better Athletes

Chances are, when you think of the words “Core Training” one of the first thoughts that come to mind is sit ups and planks. Not bad exercises to do to “strengthen” your core, but definitely not the only exercises for “core” training. These focus on just a single aspect of true “core”strength. On that note, […]

32 Quick Things You Should Know About Your Body, Water, and Staying Hyrdated

You have probably heard that it is very important to stay hydrated. Whether you exercise strenuously or not, keeping fluid in your body at all times is crucial for your everyday performance and function. Here are some interesting facts that will give you some insight on some of the roles water plays in AND for […]

Food for Thought…and Injury

Injuries happen. It is one of those things in life that is inevitable. You could be a football player who tears his ACL during a practice, OR you could be corporate employee who blows his ankle out going up the stairs while headed in the office. It happens. Now, the obvious thing to do is […]

In Season Training: Undervalued and Misunderstood?

  “The benefits of strength to athletic performance are experienced as long as the neuromuscular system maintains the cellular adaptations induced by training” There are 3 Phases to an annual cycle for any athlete: Off season. Pre season. In season. No matter when the actual season is for the sport, the in season performance is […]

5 Tips For Elite Athletes Trying to Balance School, Sports, and Training

You are a junior or a senior in high school. You kept hearing all throughout your freshman and sophomore year that your junior year is supposed to be the most academically challenging year of your high school career. You are pretty “advanced” in school, and are taking multiple AP classes, on top of a rigorous […]

Are Kids Specializing in Sports Too Early?

Today’s sports are more competitive than ever, with youth athletes devoting their lives to a sport as young as 5 years old, on occasion with pressure from parents. But does specializing this early in a sport give a child a competitive advantage in both the short and long term? The latest research proves that there […]

Coach Willis Invited to Meet the Hungarian National Football Team

While I was recently on vacation in Hungary with family, I had a tremendous opportunity to meet the Hungarian football team that will represent the entire country in next year’s International tournament, where they will face teams from the USA, Mexico, Canada, and several others. In the midst of their first week of training camp, […]

Is Stretching Really Good Before Working Out?

We have all experienced at some point tightness. Whether it be from a previous workout that has made you sore, or just naturally lacking “limberness”. However, for a long time there has been the adage that you should be stretching before workouts, but what you will see most commonly are people holding static stretches before […]

Connecting: The Hidden Key in Effective Coaching

Performance enhancement. The key reason why any athlete decides to partake in this activity to make the necessary gains for their sport. From a coaching standpoint, this is a great opportunity to apply the science and principle of strength and or speed training. However, I have a saying that it does not matter how much […]

4 Simple Tips You Probably Never Thought of To Improve Your Eating Habits

What kind of diet should you be on? Keto? Low Carb? Intermittent fasting? While each of these can have there place in the committed person’s dieting routine, often time when you take a look at the root cause of the current eating patterns that make you want to try any of these in the first […]

3 Simple Exercises to Improve Your ALTA and USTA Tennis Game

Over the years, I have learned that city tennis leagues like the Atlanta Lawn and Tennis Association, and the United States Tennis Association have some of the most competitive athletes I have ever worked with. Women ranging in age from their early 40’s to their mid 70’s, who are very active, and who simply put, […]

3 Things to Know If You Are A High School Athlete Stuck in Bad Coaching System

You know you have the work ethic. You know you have the potential to be a contributor on your team. You see other athletes who work nowhere near as hard as you, but coach stays patting them on the ass. Your coach doesn’t take you seriously. He looks right by you and seems to always […]

Your Telomeres and Your Lifestyle: Slowing Down the Aging Process

One of the most accurate biological markers that can tell us how long we will live are called telomeres. They are the “end caps” of our chromosomes that keep them from breaking down and fraying. As you begin to age, segments of your telomeres begin to get clipped off until eventually there is nothing left, […]

6 Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do At Home

It does not take much to get an effective workout. Resistance bands are a staple in our training programs not only for our elite athletes, but our general fitness clientele. They are a great tool to have at home when you don’t necessarily have access to a full gym, but you still want an effective […]

The Neglected Piece to Better Distance Running Performance

Running can be one of the most beneficial exercises that you can do to stay in shape, and stay strong. Some people do it recreationally, competitively, to relax, meditate, or just to maintain or stay in shape. Running too excessively can cause muscle pain, achy joints, stiff tendons, which will ultimately lead to a decreased […]

25 Things to Remember When Beginning Your Fitness Journey

Here are a few guidlines that you can follow to ensure that you make the most of your fitness journey. Set a clear, definable goal. I want to lose X weight, by X months Break the larger goal down in to smaller manageable ones Drink a lot of water Expect setbacks, but keep on with […]

Unlocking a Totally “Fit” You: Using Variety for New and Better Results

Elliptical machine. Treadmill. Maybe the reclined bicycle. Then possibly a few of the exercise machines to get a little burn after spending 45 minutes in the cardio section. While I will ALWAYS give credit to any individual who takes the time out of their day to get work in at the gym, I will also […]

What Do Collegiate Coaches Look For: Questions Answered by Elite Level Coaches

Aside from the obvious trait as to whether or not you can actually play and excel at your respective sport in college, what other traits do collegiate coaches look for when they are recruiting? For those of you athletes who deeply aspire to play competitively at the next level and are willing to do what […]

Take Time For You!

There is a little phase of training that we always incorporate in our programs for athlete and fitness clients after going through several weeks of “intense” training. A typical phase may consist of training for maximal strength for 4 weeks at a time, and then on the 5th week, we take what’s called a de-load […]

Old School Mentality: Destroying Athletes Before Building Them Up

Not too long ago during one of our Saturday athlete training sessions, one of my athletes approaches me before the workout to let me know that she had been dealing with shin splints and was in a boot temporarily. I asked her if she had ever dealt with shin splints before and she tells me […]

3 Things to Consider When Starting Your Training Program

Before beginning your fitness training plan, there are a few things to ask yourself in order to really make the most of your journey. Pinpointing the answers to these few questions will you to create more crisp goals, while sharpening your strategies to get there. 1.) MAKE CONCISE GOALS! Are you trying to lose weight? […]

What Do Collegiate Coaches Look For: Questions Answered by Elite Level Coaches

Aside from the obvious trait as to whether or not you can actually play and excel at your respective sport in college, what other traits do collegiate coaches look for when they are recruiting? For those of you athletes who deeply aspire to play competitively at the next level and are willing to do what […]

An RPR Case Study: Setting a New Best Time Despite Plantar Fasciitis

“Coach, I ran my 5k over this past weekend, and I got my fastest time that I have gotten in over a year. And not only did I get my fastest time, my heel was not nearly in as much pain afterwards as it had been before. Wow. I am a believer” A great thing […]

A Visit to the Atlanta United Facility: 3 Takeaways

This past fall, I had the privilege to meet with Ryan Alexander on site of Atlanta United FC training facility to learn more about how the organization uses technology and analytics to guide training and make informed decisions. I first heard Ryan speak at a Strength and Conditioning Conference at Kennesaw State Back in 2017. […]

3 Important Things to Understand When Trying to Find “The Right Diet”

As a strength and performance coach, literally every other day I am asked “What kind of diet” should I be doing to a.) Lose weight b.) get a six pack c.) Get more muscle… And my answer most all of the time is never really satisfactory: It depends. Despite the dogmatic articles and misinformation, there […]

3 Things TO Focus on for the “Overlooked” Athlete Trying to Make It.

Most every kid who plays at a competitive level in high school no matter the sport has the ultimate ambition of playing at the elite collegiate level. However, some of you may not be getting as highly recruited as your teammate next to you. It’s frustrating. Especially when you feel you put in just as […]

From Boy to Man-Boy: Exacting Jacob’s Performance

“Coach I think I played the best all season tonight individually. I did my RPR drills before the game and I was feeling it. Can’t wait to see what the POD says” It was Monday night. I was getting ready to wind it down for bed. And this is the message get from Jacob Lee, […]

Reflexive Performance Reset: A Instant Gamechanger for Our Athletes and Clients

So what in the world is Reflexive Performance Reset? Some day you might walk in my gym, and see me standing in front of a small group of athletes, and you see them scratching themselves silly like they just walked through a bush of poison ivy. Or you might see them rapidly rubbing the back […]

Parallels in Life and Lifting Weights

After having a conversation with a longtime friend and client, I was inspired to write about the parallels between training and life. There are a bunch of ways how they are similar, but thought that these 3 were the most significant. 1.) In the weight room, you have to push your limits in order to […]

FItness Client Spotlight: Kim Morin

  Kim has had a monster last 3 months in our adult group fitness program! She comes 3 days a week at 6am, and literally is one of the hardest workers in the gym. She sets the standard! She recently had to some Spring cleaning, and was trying on clothes and found out she is […]

What Do Collegiate Coaches Look For: Questions Answered by Elite Level Coaches

Aside from the obvious trait as to whether or not you can actually play and excel at your respective sport in college, what other traits do collegiate coaches look for when they are recruiting? For those of you athletes who deeply aspire to play competitively at the next level and are willing to do what […]

3 Things That Most Diets Have in Common

  With plenty of dieting plan options to choose from, it can without a doubt make it more difficult to choose the most effective “meal plan”. Should you do Paleo? Should you do low Carb? Should you go vegan? Should you go non fat? Regardless of WHAT nutrition plan that you end up selecting, note […]

3 Life Lessons From the Gym

After having a conversation with a longtime friend and client, I was inspired to write about the parallels between training and life. There are a bunch of ways how they are similar, but thought that these 3 were the most significant. 1.) In the weight room, you have to push your limits in order to […]

Eating: Does It Matter When?

Is there a difference between eating during the day verses the night? There is a saying that you should not eat right before going to bed because it will just sit in your stomach and the weight will take longer to burn off. The science proves that there could be truth to this…but not quite […]

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before, During, and After Your Fitness Journey

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before, During, and After Your Fitness Journey Sometimes achieving what you want involves asking yourself what I call perspective questions. Perspective helps you visualize what you are capable of, what stands in your way, and create plans of action. Applicable to any type of journey. Question #1 What is it […]

The Truth About Meal Plans

Why Meal Plans Fail It is not really possible for 2 days to go by without someone asking me WHAT should I be eating, or Do you make meal plans?” After “internally” rolling my eyes, and a few moments of silence, my typical answer is “It’s good that you want to improve HOW you eat. […]

Real Talk Podcast: The Rise of Technology In Sports Performance Enhancement

The Rise of Technology in Sports Performance Enhancement Athletes are getting bigger, faster, and more agile than ever. This is especially evident at the most elite of levels. Clubs and organizations have recognized that in order to really enhance the genetic potential of an athlete, precision metrics and programming are necessary in delivering the roadmap […]

3 Things I would Focus on If I Were an “Overlooked” Athlete Trying to Play at the Next Level

Most every kid who plays at a competitive level in high school no matter the sport has the ultimate ambition of playing at the elite collegiate level. However, some of you may not be getting as highly recruited as your teammate next to you. It’s frustrating. Especially when you feel you put in just as […]

Fitness Client Highlight: Kayla Buchanan

For the past 2 months, Kayla has been apart of our Online Coaching program, while living out of state in Texas. Every day, her training schedule is mapped out for her and she knows exactly what to do when she sets foot in the gym using our mobile and desktop app. Because her workouts are […]

Fitness Client Highlight: Zach Marrache

Zach has been apart of our program for just over a year and has undergone a complete transformation both physically and mentally. He gives 200 percent every single session and trains with the utmost tenacity but more importantly consistency. It is not an overnight or linear process. Check his interview below . Great work Zach […]

Fitness Client Highlight: Steven Morrison

Group fitness member Steven Morrison has been invested in the WPT Group Fitness program for almost a year and has seen significant gains in his strength, but also significant loss in his weight and body fat percentage. In the span of a year, Steven has lost 30 pounds and has dropped and kept off 5 […]

Case Study: Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability and High School: A Case Study Using HRV Guided Training to Improve Recovery and Performance for High School Athletes By: Coach Armond Willis Willis Performance Training Over the past two years I have been privileged to work literally with hundreds of athletes and create specific athletic programs and make them better athletes. […]

Post Workout Nutrition: Regeneration

A workout is only as good as the recovery that follows, and nutrition plays a vital role in the body’s ability to recover. The intense training for strength, size, speed, and endurance heavily taxes the body’s energy reserves, depleting glycogen stores and breaking down muscle tissues. But proper nutrition intake immediately following a workout can […]

Dietary Fats, Brain Health, and Performance

Fats get a bad rap. The bottom line is that fats are actually an essential nutrient of overall health whether an athletes or for general fitness. And because the body does not naturally produce fat, it must come from outside sources. Despite the negative image that fat has taken on in the past few decades, […]

Technology and music

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Taking it back to the old school

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While my guitar gently weeps

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It just sounds better

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Sharing the stage with a legend

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The flavor of rock

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Music to the heart & soul

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Learning on the road

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Feeling the beat

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Traits of a Successful Athlete..

The higher the level of play for any athlete, the higher the level of dedication and determination. Elite athletes devoted to their craft ALL have certain characteristics in common that make them successful athletes. From young athletes at the high school level to professional athletes, they make decisions on a daily basis that keep them […]

Relative and Developmental Age: The Prepubescent Athlete and Proper Training

In describing the “age” of young athletes, typically the first thing to come to mind is that child’s chronological age, or the date and year that they were born. Numerically, this is the only indication of letting us know how long that person has been on this earth, which of course, we need to know […]

In Season Training: Undervalued and Misunderstood?

“The benefits of strength to athletic performance are experienced as long as the neuromuscular system maintains the cellular adaptations induced by training” There are 3 Phases to an annual cycle for any athlete: Off season. Pre season. In season. No matter when the actual season is for the sport, the in season performance is a […]

If I Were A Parent Looking For A Trainer, I Would Ask This

Sports are getting more and more competitive by the year. The demand put on athletes starts at even earlier ages now. These very demands can be taxing both physiologically and psychologically on a young athlete. And it is unfortunate that sometimes the demands far exceed the supply of good coaching available for sport coaching and […]


You only get one chance to do this thing we call “life” right. One time through it all, that’s it. A lot of people turn down options they have as they are growing because of several possible reasons. While those may be viable reasons, it doesn’t mean that particular opportunity will arise again in life, […]

Energy System Development: The Crucial Component

Whenever most athletes think of conditioning or getting in shape for the season, one of the first things that come to mind is running a bunch of miles and or increasing “cardio” so they can “be in shape”. No matter what sport. Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, Lacrosse…it doesn’t matter. However, as a top level athlete, […]

Questions Answered: Benefits of Strength Training for the Prepubescent and Adolescent Athlete

When is the right time for a kid to participate in a resistance training program? A question with a wide spectrum of opinions from parents and coaches alike. In short, if a child is ready to partake in competitive sports, then most likely they are ready to participate in a thorough resistance program based on […]

Exercise of the Week: Reverse Tricep Band Extention

[fusion_builder_container backgroundcolor=”” backgroundimage=”” backgroundrepeat=”no-repeat” backgroundposition=”left top” backgroundattachment=”scroll” video_webm=”” video_mp4=”” video_ogv=”” video_preview_image=”” overlay_color=”” overlay_opacity=”0.5″ video_mute=”yes” video_loop=”yes” fade=”no” bordersize=”0px” bordercolor=”” borderstyle=”” paddingtop=”20px” paddingbottom=”20px” paddingleft=”0px” paddingright=”0px” menu_anchor=”” equal_height_columns=”no” hundred_percent=”no” class=”” id=””][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][fusion_text] The Reverse Tricep Band Extension is […]

Strength Training for the Athletic Woman: The Science and Myths Behind Developing the Perfect Body

The age old dilemma that has yet to be proven scientifically goes that “too much” resistance training for women is bad because they get too bulky. Despite this common belief, research and evidence beg to differ, only directing us to the fact that there are more benefits to resistance training for women than there are […]

You Have To Persevere

A healthy lifestyle is not an easy thing for everyone. Yeah, we all have our struggles. The hardships people go through are all different and unique to every person in several ways. One thing is for sure, though, and it is the fact that being “healthy” or “fit” can be the hardest challenge for some […]

Orange Theory Fitness: A Misunderstood Comparison

I was asked an interesting question the other day by one of our fitness members who  approached me about a friend who asked her what the difference between Willis Performance Training and Orange Theory Fitness was. I’ll start with the obvious: We are not a studio gym. You won’t find a line of treadmills. You […]

The “Immature” Athlete: Late Developer? Or Under-developed?

I listened to a really great Podcast the other day featuring David Epstein, author of the Athlete Gene and what he said was pretty astounding and eye opening regarding the maturity process of certain athletes, and the “selection” process of those athletes graded only in terms of physical readiness. The late bloomers I thought that […]

Strength Training for Fitness: 3 Things You Should Know before Beginning Your Program

You know that it is time for change. You have finally motivated yourself to start going to the gym, may be a little nervous underneath, but ready to start the journey. You have a $20/month membership to XX gym that you have been paying for for the past several months, but only went here and […]

7 Things To Know For A Successful Fitness Journey

Over years of training I have been able to find consistencies between people who achieve the fitness results that they want and those who don’t. Getting there is a process that takes consistency, patience, and effort. Here are 7 things you should know if you want to begin a successful campaign to “get in shape”. […]

Strength: The Different Types and the Common Misperceptions

I was listening to a really great podcast the other day about strength. What it means to be strong. What you should do to get strong. The different types of strength. And what relative strength is. There are a good amount of people who only equate strength with being “weight room” strong, when the reality […]

Death of the Defensive Lineman: 3Aspects of Your Game You Should Improve to Become the New Prototype Scouts Want

The game is changing. Athletes are becoming faster, quicker, more explosive, and powerful than ever. All across the board at every position. However, most notably on the defensive front. Not too long ago, the average defensive lineman was heavier and strong, but lacked the athleticism of today’s players. Today’s game requires that a defensive lineman […]

Tempo: What Is It and How You Can Use It To Manipulate Your Training Results.

The common method for most people when it comes to gaining strength and size, both athletes and general population, is to lift as much weight as possible as many times as possible. While this standard of strength training does create the intended results and necessary adaptations for size and strength when used properly, there are […]

Nutritional Periodization: How It Works

Nutritional Periodization is an interesting concept that athletes at all levels of every sport should be familiar with. It is a concept that involves the fluctuation of macro-nutrient intake to match the intensity, volume, duration, and specificity of training as it changes throughout the year.This suggests devising a nutrition plan that correlates with the strength […]

The Most Underrated Performance Enhancement: Sleep.

As the title of this article indicates, quality sleep is one of the most overlooked aspects of everyday performance. Studies have even shown lack of sleep can not only cause decreased performance , but also poor ability to utilize nutrition, decreased executive function, memory loss, improper recovery, and even depression. The human body can go […]

Don’t Be A Statistic: Train Smart

One of the mantras at Willis Performance Training is prevention and intention. The training systems are designed to enhance athlete performance by taking measures to prevent injury, and articulating workout scripts where every single exercise has a definite intention specific for athlete goals. Everything from Functional Movement Screening to training “progressions” based on athlete and client rate of […]

Don’t Let Your Child Down: 3 Things Missing From Your Traditional Speed Agility and Strengthening Program

In my years as a performance coach, I have noticed that there is a common and oft misguided perception of what it means to “train” and “workout” from both athletes and the parents of each athlete, especially at the high school level My biggest dilemma is that most of the views on performance training, strength […]

The 3 Essentials to Becoming a Better High School Athlete: Words from a Former Professional Basketball Player

  For a while now I’ve been telling my older brother JK to share the story of his basketball journey with other kids. I even tell him he is selfish if he doesn’t because he has knowledge and power that can change another kid’s life. An incredible athletic story, his journey will inspire many other young athletes […]

Back Pain: Insight into Strengthening

What I am about to cover may be one of the most sneaky types of ailments for any athlete or adult: back pain Whether it happens over an instant, or something that you have developed over time, low back pain can be one of the most debilitating injuries you can experience.. However, what most do […]