A Visit to the Atlanta United Facility: 3 Takeaways

This past fall, I had the privilege to meet with Ryan Alexander on site of Atlanta United FC training facility to learn more about how the organization uses technology and analytics to guide training and make informed decisions. I first heard Ryan speak at a Strength and Conditioning Conference at Kennesaw State Back in 2017. [...]

From Boy to Man-Boy: Exacting Jacob’s Performance

“Coach I think I played the best all season tonight individually. I did my RPR drills before the game and I was feeling it. Can’t wait to see what the POD says” It was Monday night. I was getting ready to wind it down for bed. And this is the message get from Jacob Lee, [...]

Parallels in Life and Lifting Weights

After having a conversation with a longtime friend and client, I was inspired to write about the parallels between training and life. There are a bunch of ways how they are similar, but thought that these 3 were the most significant. 1.) In the weight room, you have to push your limits in order to [...]