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Be Selfish About Your Fitness

This past month I was in Miami to attend a highly regarded training science clinic.

It was excellent and hands down the most educational one I have ever been too.

The instructor made some good points about successful clients, and not so successful clients when it came to prioritization.

What do you put first? What is the most important?

He spoke of a woman doing a consult one time who was entertaining signing up for a program with him.

She would talk about how much she wanted to get started, but had kids, her schedule was pretty hectic and unpredictable, and she was not sure of she should commit.

He simply asked her if she felt that her health was really a priority.

Despite having a family, kids, busy schedule, if you constantly put other things before your OWN needs, then you will never prioritize the better health you say you want.

How many times have you talked about beginning something for yourself, health or not, and “things” keep getting in the way of starting?

You delay it for a day, a week, a month, then eventually a year goes by and you are STILL complaining about how you feel or the way you look.

It’s because you didn’t prioritize you.

It’s often believed that being selfish is wrong.

But when it comes to your happiness, your true health, you MUST put you first to become the best you that you can be, and it is this that will position you to be more available to enjoy the other things in life.

There will always be reasons NOT to begin, IF you allow them.

Pause. Look in the mirror and determine that if you do not like what you see, or how you feel, that change can’t occur until YOU decide to take action on yourself.

Be selfish.

Changing your body is easy!

Changing your MIND is the hard part!

Your excuses

Your impatience

Your misinformation

Your conditioned behaviors

Your attachments and addictions

Leading you to search for magic and shortcuts.


If I can help YOU get started with really taking charge of the way you feel (you hate being tired, tired of nagging pains, moving sluggishly, unsatisfactory physique), and command ownership of your body, I’d love to help. Just comment “Me”, or click here to set up your fitness strategy session with us!