When Your Uniqueness Is Considered, You Can Become Faster In Atlanta

If you’ve tried to become faster in Atlanta with training, but didn’t, maybe it was because it was the actual training program. If the program was what you’ve always been doing, just more of it, it’s no wonder it didn’t work. Everyone has a unique body and different experiences that affected that body. That means each person has something unique that’s holding them back from their potential. You need a trainer that first identifies what’s holding you back before creating a program to correct the issue.

Find a training coach that uses science to identify and solve problems slowing you down.

The world has changed dramatically the last 40 years, but many of the training programs haven’t changed. It used to be all guess work and opinion when a coach tried to help an athlete become faster. That’s not how it is anymore. A lot of the guesswork has been taken out of the training with new scientific techniques and equipment that helps pinpoint the problem.

It’s important to know how your body works to identify changes to make you faster.

Form is ultimately important when running, but what constitutes good form and what’s stopping you from having the best form possible. Is it an imbalance? Are some muscles, large or small, weaker and holding you back? What are the lines of force? Running random drills without correcting the problems first will help you get fitter, but it won’t affect your speed as much. Once your form and other issues are corrected, you’ll see a difference.

Identifying issues and correcting them with the right type of training exercises is important.

Technology helps identify the problems that need correction, but the speed coach has to know how to use that information to make a change. Good trainers have years of specialized study and know exactly what types of exercise and drills can develop the hidden talent you possess. You’ll become the best you that you can be through scientific knowledge and expert training.

  • Speed involves both intensity and coordination. It requires you use more force on the ground with your step and training more muscle fibers for the tasks so you can do it.
  • Force plates are part of the methods used to identify weaknesses and start on the road to speed. It’s a dual plate system that helps the trainer identify your strength and whether you’re balanced.
  • Athletic monitoring systems are used by speed trainers to know when to push the athlete further and when to hold back to avoid further damage to previous injuries or preventing future injuries.
  • Today’s speed coaches and speed trainers use science, combined with years of experience and knowledge to get the best from every person, whether a runner, basketball player or non-athlete.

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When Your Uniqueness Is Considered, You Can Become Faster In Atlanta