Coach Willis Founder, Head Training Specialist
Coach Willis Founder, Head Training Specialist

Coach Willis has been passionately developing athletes and helping adults achieve their true fitness potential for over a decade. With a firm belief in a “client-centric” approach, he believes every individual has unique needs calling for custom strategies for each. His relentless pursuit of education, curiosity, and mentorships from professionals who are the best in their respective industries, have helped him establish a strong business and leave a growing footprint both locally and internationally. His creative vision, a biomechanical and force based approach to exercise, and his ability to truly analyze and apply correct training interventions based around the individual have helped him garner endorsements from Power 5 head football coaches, NFL strength and conditioning coaches, NFL agents, MLS head sport scientists, top physical and massage therapists in the country, distinguished local chiropractors, international sport academies in Europe, as well as some of the top sports technology companies in the world. His continually increasing knowledge in human biomechanics and force applications has helped him work with a diverse client base from post rehab adults, All-American athletes in three different sports, grade school to professional athletes, to adults wanting to better manage stress.

He is the founder of Willis Performance Labs supplements, The How to Get Recruited Playbook, which is a minicourse designed to help amateur athletes navigate the collegiate recruiting landscape, and has also created an internship program for other up and coming professionals wanting to learn beyond the norm.

Coach Willis’ mission from the outset is to set a standard in terms of sport performance as well as general performance and assist the active adult to achieving internal muscle mastery beyond the superficial.