About Willis Performance Training

About Us

Who We Are

We are a training organization of true high performance and exercise professionals that help dedicated athletes and the general population alike close the gap between where they WANT to be, and where they are.

Our Philosophy

Is Training Mastery

No two people are exactly alike. We strongly believe in individualizing your training based on appropriateness, rather than fitting the person to the exercise at all costs.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or an elite athlete, everyone’s biomechanical “fingerprint” is unique to them, which calls for a specific training and communication protocol to reflect that.

What we are NOT is the traditional performance facility built around mindless activity for optics. We are devoted specialists who believe in the ART of coaching, integrative science, intelligent training, and a culture of achievement to help athletes thrive in their sport, and clients flourish in life.

Our Mission At WPT

Is To Set A Standard

From the outset, our goal was to set a standard within the local training market. We aim to redefine how the local athlete approaches training. We want to provide a new exercise perspective for adults determined to master their fitness as they come of age while taking true ownership of their health.

We go above just “speed and agility” training, and high intensity workouts for weight loss. We are a training solution.

Who We Are The Perfect Fit For

Athlete Development Systems

The local athlete who is not getting enough out of their school training. You tried other “gyms” but wanted something more specific for you. You don’t want a bootcamp. You are overcoming injury and seek somewhere with the resources to help you return better than before. You want precision, and the data to back your improvement.

Adult Performance Systems

You are middle aged and tired of chasing just a number on a scale. You have physical issues that cause the occasional pain that stops you from doing the things you want. You want to remain strong as you age and better able to manage stress. You tried other gyms but the hardcore exercise was not sustainable for you. You want a training expert, not 24/7 soreness.

…if this sounds like you, then whenever you are ready, we would love the opportunity to work with you if we are a good fit.

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