What Are The Benefits Of Atlanta Agility Training?

Why is Atlanta agility training important for athletes? In order to identify that, you have to identify exactly what agility is. Agility is the ability to change directions, stop or start, quickly and easily. It’s the ability to make quick whole-body movements to change direction or velocity. It requires that you use a variety of skills which include coordination, speed, balance, strength and basic reflexes. It is an integral part of training that can make a good athlete great.

Agility training can benefit almost any sports performance.

Many types of athletes benefit from agility training. It’s important for people who want to improve their ability to play basketball, soccer, football, tennis, track and field and just about all sports, including contact sports. It should be part of any conditioning training and is as important as all types of training. Athletes like Muhammad Ali understood the benefits of agility training. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see.”

Agility requires more than just speed and change of direction.

All sports require that you anticipate your opponent’s move and react to it. That requires agility. It’s more than just being able to change directions quickly or have great speed. It’s about being able react with that speed that was developed and respond to the stimuli. It’s more than just running drills. It’s the ability to change directions when a stimulus is present. The stimulus can be an opponent approaching or a ball being thrown to the player.

Even non-athletes can benefit from agility training.

Agility training improves sport-specific skills, but also is good for people who aren’t officially on teams or participating in sports. It improves how quickly muscles contract, balance and reactivity. The results can improve the body’s appearance to develop a toned, sleek look. Agility training also burns more calories during a workout and is a modified form of HIIT—high intensity interval training, because it has the start and stop aspect. It can help prevent injuries by working muscles in different directions, avoiding repetitive stress.

  • Agility training is part of a well-rounded program for athletes. No matter how strong or fast an athlete is, if the athlete can change directions quickly, all that speed won’t matter.
  • Good trainers understand how all types of training, speed, strength, power and agility, work together to create a great athlete. It allows the athlete to function better under pressure and in competition.
  • Agility training helps build more neural pathways in the brain. When training, it’s the reason you’ll feel the movement is forced, but as the changes in the brain occur, the movements will flow naturally.
  • Agility training is an important part of sports training. It can help muscles recover quicker, increase energy and build strength. It’s the burst of movement that occurs during agility training that does it.

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What Are The Benefits Of Atlanta Agility Training?