Adult Performance Systems

Adult Performance Systems

Training Beyond The Superficial

How you feel, how you look, your posture, the way you currently move is the result of both the intentional and unintentional stress you impose on your body

Our Adult Performance Training Systems have a high success rate because we recognize where you are, discover your limiting factors, and create sustainable exercise programs to help you establish OWNERSHIP of your body and movement.

Willis Performance Training – Get The Results Other Gyms Lack

Our unique S.M.T. Systems (Structural-Muscular Training) don’t just improve your physique, but improve your strength profiles giving you the ability to live a better life.

While this program technically is great for ANYONE, it is especially suited for the middle aged and above individuals dealing with previous injuries and limited in what they truly want to do and feel like.

You’ve tried bootcamps and group training but the intensity fell too far outside of your tolerance, and it wasn’t sustainable.

You want a professional.

Take Control

Fitness runs deeper than just the aesthetics. It is about OWNING your movement for a better quality of life.


Your exercise should not routinely break you down. It should be intelligent resistance management that improves as your personal tolerance increases. The majority of people quit their training because it wasn’t sustainable overtime for them.

Age Defiance

You will only be as strong as your joints and muscle systems ALLOW you to be. Sure, you can run and do cardio everyday, but understand the structural compromise. Smart training grants the opportunity for improved movement economy.

Client Centric

Everyone is structurally different with varying tolerances to exercise. Assigning the same program to everyone is like trying to hammer a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit into the wrong space.

Adult Performance

Our Adult Performance Systems are about recognizing where you are, discovering your physiological limiting factors, and creating sustainable exercise programs to help you establish that OWNERSHIP of your body and movement. If you would like to schedule your initial fitness strategy session with us, click the link below to get started on your journey to ownership.

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