Training Science

Training Science

Training Science and Technology Integrations

There is a strong reason why top sport organizations and universities invest in sport science programs. Objective metrics are key in architecting precision programming for athlete and client development.

The less guesswork, the better. This is why we integrate world class technology into our training programs to help guide your training and facilitate progressions.

From measuring force output to the exact wattage on each side of your body, and monitoring limb deficits, the data provides visual and objective feedback for our clients and athletes to see their progress.

Technology Utilized

Valid Performance Force Decks

Force output and absorption monitoring

Calibrex Velocity Based Training Sensors

Eccentric and Concentric Bar Speed Metrics

Catapult Sports GPS tracking systems

Metrics include workload, speed, power output, distance ran

HiTrainer Performance Treadmill

Peak Power, average power, right and left leg power output, average speed and top speeds

KiRo Core multiplanar training harness

Used to isolate core areas while integrating applicable strength/power/endurance exercises

Aqua Bag Training Sensors

Hand combat and boxing device to monitor hand speed, power endurance, power output

Inbody Body Composition Scanner

State of the art body composition scanning aching to track fat/lean mass

Training Science

In order to get the body to perform at its fullest potential, we have to understand the internal mechanics of the body.

Joint position, muscle contraction, and lines of force each influence motion. These qualities have a direct impact on speed, change of direction, energy output, and more importantly quality of life for the general population.

Through our screening process, we can identify how much of each is available and tailor training programs to help clients take true ownership of their body

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