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Some Thoughts on Fitness

These are a random list of thoughts for those of you who are either considering exercise after a long time, or just need some encouraging words.

• The hardest part is the start. It gets easier

• Don’t overthink it, just get going

• Sustainability beats motivation. It’s hard for you to continue if the exercise becomes too hard for you to handle

• You are unique. There is no one size fits all. Not every exercise or movement is appropriate for you

• A first major step to adjusting your diet is just drinking enough water

• If you are dealing with nagging injuries, then I would not recommend bootcamps

• Be careful what you digest from social media. It can create false expectations for yourself

• If you are in your mid thirties and up, taking guidance from a young 20 something may not be the best route

• You really only need 3 days per week of exercise. If you are just starting out, aim for 2 and build from there

• If you have not worked out in some time, anything involving jumping, burpees, or sprints is probably not the best starting point

• If you decide to get a trainer, ask him or her what his assessment process is. If they don’t have one, find the next place.

• If you only have superficial reasons for working out, expect your drive to fizzle out after a while. Ask yourself what you would rather FEEL like than look like

• Pelotons are cool, just change it up every now and then

• Orange Theory is not for everybody

• Be intentional when you work out. Minimize distractions