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A Few Things the Serious Athlete Should Practice

Just some thoughts for the serious athlete in todays sport landscape…

• You are either getting better at something everyday, or you are not. Simple

• Decide that you would rather excel at the sport, rather than just be on the team

• For those of you wanting to play in college, there is a difference between wanting to just play, and wanting to excel at that level. Two very different things.

• Take ownership of your shortcomings and don’t blame anyone else. These are the type that usually “lose motivation” when things don’t go their way

• You will play how you practice. If you half ass at practice, don’t expect your best self at games

• Be intentional about your own improvement. Going through the motions is wasted energy.

• Complainers always finish last. Separate yourself from the ones who do and don’t get sucked into that energy

• College coaches love athleticism, but appreciate the intangibles even more. Be a leader by example.

• There are usually those players on the team satisfied with just being there and usually the center of drama. Stay away from them.

• If you only wait until your season starts to get better, you will be behind and sell your self short

• Beware of the “speed and agility” coaches with no real education. Productivity is over activity.

• Help others get better, because in the process you become even better.

• Approach everyday like a game that you want to win. Tally your results daily.

The list could actually go on and on, but hopefully some of these hit.

Every single athlete that I have worked with has been successful because they have in some way leveraged the majority of these key things.

You’re either about that life, or you’re not.