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3 Resistant Band Pulling Progressions to Add to Your Workout

Plenty effective exercises can be done with minimal equipment using a simple resistant band.

Bands offer an accommodating resistance as tension increases the more the band is stretched, recruiting more muscles to complete the range of motion. Depending on body position, and the angle and height of the band, you can recruit more muscles on the “core”, which will add a different dynamic to your core training.

Below are 3 exercises that you can add to you exercise repertoire to increase pulling strength, core strength, hip and leg strength.

1.) Single Leg Single Arm Isometric Row Hold

Make sure to stand upright and firm, squeezing your upper back. Squeeze your glute, and flex the quad of the support leg, keeping the knee locked and extended. Raise the “lifted” foot to opposite knee height, big toe flexed and locked in shoe. You can vary the height of the band !

2.) Single Leg Single Arm Band Row (Hip/Knee Flexed)

A slight progression from the isometric hold. Now we are actually pulling the band. Make sure to keep everything stable, keeping your shoulders square to the anchor point while going through the pulling motion. The only part of your body that should be moving is the rowing arm.

3.) Explosive Switch Lunge Band Row


An advanced version of the first 2 exercises, now we are adding a coordination and timing aspect to the row. Stay level during the switch, while taking off and landing in a loaded split lunge position. This can be done continuously, or with a pause between reps depending on your intention.

These are great additions to add to your exercise arsenal. Great for full body days and each of these challenges the core, upper body days, OR lower body days.

And if you would like us to help you outline an exact program for you to follow and ensure you great results that you can do from anywhere, ask us about our Virtual Fitness Program or schedule a short call with us here.

Have a good workout!