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6 Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do At Home

It does not take much to get an effective workout.

Resistance bands are a staple in our training programs not only for our elite athletes, but our general fitness clientele. They are a great tool to have at home when you don’t necessarily have access to a full gym, but you still want an effective workout that can target multiple muscle groups.

Bands are inexpensive, you can travel with them easily, are great because of the accommodating resistance, and also they don’t stress the joints as much as traditional weights but still are an effective way of training.

Below are 6 exercises that we use at our training facility often, and that you can do right from home!

The Pallof Press

This is a great exercise for “core” strengthening and also the hips. This exercise is also a great one to do before heavy structural exercises like squats as it gets the deeper muscle surrounding the spine working.

Pallof Lift

A slightly different version of the Pallof press, only lifting the band instead of pressing. This engages the shoulders more than the standard press.


A great rotational exercise for the core and the hips. You can vary your positions to increase the challenge, and isolate the trunk more by doing it from kneeling, staggered stance, half kneeling. We use this very often.

Lateral Band Walk

Great exercise that strengthens the hip and abductors of the legs.

Band Squat:

A different variation of the traditional squat. Using the band in this sense loads the quads and hips slightly more, creating more stimulus to gain strength.

Banded Deadlift

Another variation of the traditional deadlift, taking more stress off of the joints but still engaging the hips, glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Try incorporating these exercises into your training regimen to have a more complete in home or gym program. You can increase the sets and reps, or the actual speed of the exercise to increase or reduce the challenge of the exercise!

If you are interesting in having us create a custom training program for you, let’s set up call and see how we might be able to help you!

Train hard. Enjoy !