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A Few Thoughts on How The Coronavirus Affects Certain Athletes

Here a few thoughts that I had about this whole stay at home ordeal, and what it will reveal about you as an athlete.

1.) If you were the type of athlete that always had to have someone get on you in order to put some real work in, you are going to fall behind.

We have plenty of time right now. Schools are shut down. No one will be constantly on you. If you cant be motivated to work on your own, don’t expect to have the best athletic career you can after this. Congratulations on taking yourself out of the equation.

2.) You are either finding ways to get better, or you are staying the same. And I get it. Maybe you don’t want to play at a higher level, and that’s cool. But if you have ever said that you wanted to play at the next level, whether that be varsity or in college, and you are finding more excuses more than reasons to get better, you won’t make it.

3.) Talent alone won’t get you through this. You will have to be disciplined and work. Competition is going to find a way to continue to get better. It is up to you to dig deep and establish a real routine.

4.) This period is going to separate the great athletes from the mediocre ones. Those of you with real grit and drive will persevere like none other and come out on top at the end of this corona shutdown. Are you gonna settle, or are you going to do what it takes and separate from the pack.

5.) Now is PRIME time to take action and reach out to college coaches if you want to play at that level. Be genius and reach out. Stop being lazy and expecting coaches to reach out to you after ONE decent season. They won’t.

Assume you aren’t as good as you think you are, and they don’t know about you. Make them know.

Now, it has been about 19 days since school has shut down. What have you done to improve? Are you making more excuses, or more progress?

I challenge you to find a way to ALWAYS be getting better.

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