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Make a Plan to Succeed

Have a plan in place.
Research has proven that when we EXPLICITLY formulate a plan for attaining a goal, you are more likely to overcome the obstacles that may arise.
That means if you want to create better conditions to succeed, being intentional with your planning is key.
It will take more than just SAYING you want something and working aimlessly.
In a university study, 2 groups were asked to write a report on how they spent their holiday.
One group was asked to specify how, when, and where they were going to write their report.
The other half was not asked to specify.
Of the participants who made a plan as to when, where, and how they would send in their report, 71 percent sent a report back in to the researchers.
Of the ones who did not create a plan, only 32 percent sent back a report.
Making plans serve as a self regulatory tool, having a profound impact on helping people to achieve their goals.
Make sure to have a plan and strategy in place before setting to pursue ANY type of goal.
YES this ESPECIALLY holds true for health and fitness..
And speaking of following a plan, I’m running a 100 percent virtual training program that is in it’s “pilot” phase.
Currently looking for 5 former collegiate or high school athletes who are now working professionals (corporate, sales, nurse, retail etc) who WANT to drop 5-10 pounds and lean up in the next 60 days!
The going rate will be less than have the planned price.
Just comment “ME” below if interested and Ill reach out with details.