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Reflexive Performance Reset: A Instant Gamechanger for Our Athletes and Clients

So what in the world is Reflexive Performance Reset?

Some day you might walk in my gym, and see me standing in front of a small group of athletes, and you see them scratching themselves silly like they just walked through a bush of poison ivy.

Or you might see them rapidly rubbing the back of their heads with their thumbs, looking like they were born and raised in a jungle.

In reality though, what they are doing are activating their muscles through Special Reset Points throughout the body, which is the cornerstone of the RPR science.

The science is amazing, but yes does look like voodoo.

I found out about RPR through another well known trainer and got curious to find out more about how it works. As I read on, I found that it is at the bleeding edge performance of immediately unlocking athlete and client movement potential.

If you take another look at the picture in this article, with the young lady doing a leg raise, notice how much increased range of motion she was able to achieve in the connected photo.

This was literally done in seconds after resetting her hamstring through her body’s reflexive points.

As a performance coach, I hear so much from athletes and parents alike about having “tight” hamstrings, or strained backs and shoulders.

The immediate solution: Just stretch them and make them more flexible.

However, the majority of the time, soft tissue injuries can be attributed to poor compensation patterns that have affected the body’s nervous system’s ability to “wake up” the muscles.

RPR is a tool to better enervate the muscles, and immediately get them to work.

Not only have I been able to witness an immediate difference in an athletes active flexibility from pre and post tests, but also have seen IMMEDIATE increases in power and strength using technology to measure power output in the gym.

On the other end of the spectrum, RPR has had the ability to help adults who may suffer from everyday back pain, headaches, and maximize their time in the gym. Give them energy between sets (sometimes not even realizing it has), and experience the best workouts they have ever had.

I have received text messages from people, after having done an RPR session excitedly saying how it is the best they have felt in months, whether because of neck pain, back pain, or headaches.

Athletes across the board have text me from their schools saying that they performed their reset drills during games, practices, track meets, and have hit new personal bests.

Simply put, I wanted a way to help reduce injury, and find a way that could help my athletes and clients alike immediately restore function, improve performance, and reduce injury.

Reflexive Performance Reset has been an integral piece to achieving this goal for both coach and client. More to come on this.