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The Chicken and The Bull Story

A chicken was one time chatting with a bull.
” It’d be really cool if I could climb up this tree and sit on this branch,
But I don’t have the energy to do it.”
The bull looks at the chicken and said “You can try nibbling on my droppings, and you will get stronger, because its packed with nutrients.”
The chicken didn’t take second to start eating the bulls droppings. And it turns out, the bull was right.
The chicken finally had energy to get to the lowest branch.
The next day, it ate even more droppings and was able to climb up to an even higher branch.
As it got stronger and stronger, the chicken was finally able to get to the highest branch of the tree, and enjoy its accomplishment.
Soon he was spotted by a farmer who mistook it for a wild turkey, and shot it out of the tree.
Bullshit might help you get you to the destination, but it won’t keep you there.
We are now living in a time where there is so much B.S. yanking for our attention, that sometimes it is easier for us to absorb and believe, ONLY because we see it so much, NOT because it is actually true.
Regarding fitness and misinformation this is especially true.
“Try THIS diet for 30 days..
“Do THIS exercise for a summer stomach
“Trust ME because I look good and YOU should look like this
The best thing for you is what YOU can sustain.
While certainly some of the things circulating around can help move you forward, they won’t always help you stay there.
Don’t eat the B.S.