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Real Talk Podcast: The Rise of Technology In Sports Performance Enhancement

The Rise of Technology in Sports Performance Enhancement

Athletes are getting bigger, faster, and more agile than ever. This is especially evident at the most elite of levels.

Clubs and organizations have recognized that in order to really enhance the genetic potential of an athlete, precision metrics and programming are necessary in delivering the roadmap and getting results.

In this latest podcast episode, Coach Willis chat  with Catapult Sports rep DJ Holliday about GPS technology, and go in depth how it is impacting the athletic landscape from the high school, collegiate, and the professional levels.

Everything from performance enhancement, to using metrics to recognize a kid’s athletic potential for recruiting, GPS tracking is beginning to leave a significant footprint in the athletic world on multiple levels.

If you are interested in learning more about how we are using this very technology to help athletes who are serious about playing at the next level improve, you can learn more here with our Athlete Tracking and Performance Program.