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9 Strategies for High School Athletes to Garner Recruitment Attention

If you are a competitive athlete that really believes in yourself, then you probably have dreams of getting recruited to a prestigious college sports program. But what if the coaches aren’t knocking on your door? Don’t worry, Here are 9 ways you can start getting the attention from schools:

  1. . Create a sports resume that documents your athletic journey. Include information like when you first started playing and any awards or achievements along the way.
  2. Produce Workout Videos: Leverage social media by sharing videos of your workouts. This not only showcases your dedication, technique, and strength, but also your improvements over time.
  3. Showcase Your Trick Shots: If you’ve got a unique skill or trick shot, film it. A mind-boggling trick shot can really grab the attention of recruiters and fans alike, leading to shares and wider visibility.
  4. Demonstrate Your Speed: Run sprints, agility drills, and long-distance runs. Post videos of these activities to showcase your speed and endurance.
  5. Make Highlight Reels: Compile your best moments from games and practices into a highlight reel. This can give coaches a better sense of your in-game performance and how you could benefit their team.
  6. Attend Camps and Showcases: These events are designed for recruiters to notice you. They offer a fantastic opportunity to network and demonstrate your skills in a competitive setting.
  7. Send Personal Emails: Reach out directly to coaches or recruiters, expressing your interest and attaching your sports resume and highlight reel. A personal touch can go a long way.
  8. Maintain Your Grades: Remember, you’re a student-athlete. Coaches want players who excel acadically too. Keep your grades up to show you’re committed to all aspects of the college experience
  9.  Have a few references ready who can speak about your character and abilities in order to give recruiters an honest opinion on what it’s like working with you on the field or in practice sessions.

Remember, consistent effort and patience are key. Keep promoting yourself and your abilities, and the right opportunity may just come knocking on your door. Don’t be one of the athletes that waits for opportunity to fall in your lap.