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Sacrifice: A Few Things We Can Learn from Two GOATs

What are you willing to sacrifice?

If you have not already accepted Tom Brady or Lebron James as ONE of the greatest to ever do it on their respective sports, then you should.

TB is in his forties, literally one of the oldest in the league, and just brought home his 7th SB win.

LeBron is 20 years almost in the league, with multiple championships, and is currently playing some of the best basketball of his career. STILL outmaneuvering players who were 5 years old when he made his NBA debut.

What Tom Brady and Lebron are doing is unprecedented among athletes who play high caliber sports at that level.

They have cracked a long term human performance code the WE ALL should take note and learn from.

They are creating a blueprint for high performance longevity.

One aspect of their high performance 2 decades into their career that is most notable is how much time and resources they invest into their own personal health.

Their sleep regimen.

Their eating regimen.

Their recovery and regeneration regimen.

Their training regimen.

What they each realized is that in order to KEEP playing at high level, then EACH of these facets of their lives have to be sharp.

Investing in specialist like nutritionists, performance trainers, performance and recovery measures, supplementation strategy, all of it matters and contributes.

Its the ONLY reason they are able to play this well for so long.

Its a commitment that requires an investment, where the return equals an extended career.

Tom Brady’s TB12 Method is no secret. Its literally outlined on how to do the self care that he does.

Now will people do it?

No not most.

But will they admire his accomplishments in bewonderment?

Of course.

Now you don’t have to be a high caliber athlete, or need to have millions of dollars to spend on self care like they do, BUT the principle remains the same:

If you want to be at your best both mentally and physically for a long time, that means you need to invest in your own self care now.

That looks like eating less fast food, cutting out the sodas, getting to bed on time, cutting your cell phone off before bed, going to workout..

These don’t require millions of dollars to do, but represent the investment of self care equity necessary to just live a better life. To truly be a better more fit you who can do more for longer.

The Age-Fitness continuum: the more you age, the more time investment you need in your fitness for a better quality of life.

Now you most likely wont be competing in the Super Bowl, or NBA finals, but you have to get up and go to work, be there for your family, and you want to feel good I assume.

What are you willing to sacrifice ?

You are either admiring or being admired for what you do.


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