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What is an N.S.V. (A Fitness Reward You Never Hear About)

Congrats to you if you have ever experienced any of the following after committing to an exercise program:

• Better sleep
• Deserved feeling of accomplishment.
• Less depression
• increased strength
• More tone and definition
• Improved appetite
• more energy throughout the day
• More mental clarity
• Less random joint pain for NO reason
• people have paid you more compliments on the way you look
• Better sex drive
• If you are a runner, improved running times
• A new addiction to exercise
• Dropped pant sizes
• Improved blood profiles
• More production throughout the day
• More overall excitement
• Better mood
• less anxiety
• Better work performance
• when your physical therapist says that you are way ahead of schedule

I could actually go further.

There is not ONE person reading this email who would not crave one of these benefits.

And is there anything that you noticed about this list?

ZERO have anything to do with what the scale says.

That’s right.

I call them: Non-Scale Victories or NSVs.

Sometimes we have a tendency to put so much weight on the scale (pun intended, your welcome) that we overlook some of the other significant benefits that come with working out.

If you never lost another pound for a year, but you experienced more than one of the benefits on this list, consider them victories.

We have to look beyond the superficial occasionally to truly reap the rewards of a successful fitness journey.

Celebrate your NSV’s.

Let’s talk.

Which of these would mean the most to you?

– Coach