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The Split Squat with Lateral Band Pull [Video]

You have most likely at some point, if you were able to, done the split squat exercise. It is known as an effective exercise for the “lower body” that really works the quads and glutes.

And it for sure does do that.

However, how does the effect of the exercise change when you start manipulating line of force on the body while doing  the exercise?

There are a plethora of exercises where the challenge of the exercise itself can be increased from adding an additional force to the movement, not just adding more weight.

In the below video breakdown of The Split Squat with band distraction, we cover how you can really increase strength within different regions of the lower body simply by adding a band to the motion.

It can be a great variation for ANY athlete whose sport requires a lot of change of direction, for throwing athletes, for golfers, especially tennis players. For general fitness, the benefits are tremendous for ankle strength, foot strength, and more. Check out the video below to find out how.

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The Split Squat Breakdown