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Fitness Client Highlight: Zach Marrache

Zach has been apart of our program for just over a year and has undergone a complete transformation both physically and mentally.

He gives 200 percent every single session and trains with the utmost tenacity but more importantly consistency.

It is not an overnight or linear process.

Check his interview below . Great work Zach !

Occupation: Server

Age: 21

What are/were your goals: To get lean

How much weight/body fat have you lost: I started at 168 and am currently weighing 150 so I’ve lost 18 pounds in total (and gone from 13.4 to 10.3 percent body fat)

How did you feel before beginning the program: I definitely was tired all the time. Easily out breath. I wasn’t overweight but I was still very out of shape

How do you feel currently : I’ve noticed a considerable increase in my daily energy since starting at the gym. My mental health has also improved since starting as well
How long have you been training at the gym: 14 months

What kind of training do we do: Strength and conditioning, with a wide variety of workouts so you never feel like you’re doing the same things over and over again

How has your transformation impacted your life outside of the gym: I have much more self confidence and it has caused me to be more active with hiking

Who would you recommend a training program like this to: anyone who is looking for a program that offers a wide range of workouts. If you’re someone who is easily bored with repeating the same workouts then this program is for you

Additional words: for the price I pay every month this program is well worth it. My health has significantly improved from a mental and physical stand point since starting and I have learned a lot in terms of weight training and conditioning.