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Core Training: Have You Been Doing Crunches Like This? [Video]

How do you measure the effectiveness of a “core” exercise?

Are you certain that it is even working the targeted area?

Many of the traditional exercises that we have come to know when in comes to core strength are pretty much exercises that we see and hear most commonly and have accepted as THE exercises to do.

Specifically, when it comes to targeting trunk flexion (crunching), there are many ways, maybe even better ways to really work the lower abs.

The majority of people who do crunches unintentionally recruit muscles that work harder than the abs you are trying to target.

For example, have you ever been doing crunches and your hip flexors burn? How about your neck?

The following video provides a solid resisted variation that you can do to really isolate your lower abs without using other muscular contributors. This is especially good for that middle aged population who have trouble or pains when you do traditional crunches!

By the way, I am NOT slamming regular crunches, just highlighting another variation that might be more effective for you.


Seated Crunch Series


Seated Crunch Video Breakdown


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