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4 Reasons Why To Consider BCAAs If You Are a HARDCORE Athlete

If you are in any type of heavy gym or training environment, it is guaranteed at some point you have seen someone pull out some type of BCAA supplement, mix some powder into a shaker with water, and shake like crazy until the water transforms into a protein elixir.

“BCAA’s bro they help you get bulked up!”

But is that all that they do?

Before we dive deeper, if you are unfamiliar what BCAA stands for, it is Branched Chain Amino Acids. These are essential proteins that are NOT produced within the body, but have to come from an outside source like different foods, or a dedicated supplement.

BCAA’s specifically contain the proteins leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

Decades of research have proven that BCAA’s can have a significant impact physique and performance beneficial to athletes.

Here are 4 ways BCAAs can help

1.) BCAAs have been shown to be powerful agents in protein synthesis aka muscle building

2.) BCAAs have also been shown to play a key role in slowing catabolism, or muscle breakdown.

3.) Because BCAAs are oxidized in the actual muscle for fuel, they can be used as fuel DURING exercise.

4.) BCAAs have been shown to mitigate the immune suppression response that results from training. Since the immune system is temporarily broken down after heavy bouts of training or intense competition, BCAAs help to keep it strong.

As with ANY supplementation, they should ALL be used in conjunction with a solid diet.

So if you find yourself in the mix of your competitive or off season, your body is constantly sore and you feel exhausted for longer than you should, then a simple BCAA supplementation could help.

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