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Are You Building The Right Way?

I shared this post a few years ago exclusively to my email list as part of the weekly motivational series that I send out.
It had one of the best responses and the message still holds true today. In fact, its timeless.
It’s about the power of your daily decisions.
There is a story about a man who lived in Japan as a contractor building houses…

He was one of the company’s best and hardest and most diligent workers..

Always the first one in the office and the last one to leave.

He treated every home that he built as if it were his home, paying the most attention to the minute details and the small subtleties to bring the homes to life.

After 30 years he told his boss that he wanted to retire.

But his boss informed him that they had just one more contract for a home for a very important client and they really wanted him to do it.

Reluctantly, the worker accepted. And even though he was very skilled at what he did, his heart just was not in this one.

He did not put in the care and detail that he normally did. He built homes before that were much better. But sure enough, his last project passed inspection.

After the last project was done, his boss asked him to come in for one more meeting.

At this point he was pretty upset as he thought they were going to ask him to build another house. But instead, his boss hands him over a box with a red ribbon and says “We have been so grateful for you and everything you have done for us,”

The worker opens the box and discovers a set of keys.

His boss smiles and says “The house is yours! You deserve it”

Instantly the former employee’s heart sank, because unbeknownst to him, he had been building his own house the whole time. And he of all people knew what that meant.


Every decision that you make, you are building your own house. But most people don’t operate this way. In terms health, fitness, professional, and personal life.

Most people lack the patience and want to play the short game instead of the long game.

People want quick results now instead of the long term transformation that takes consistent efforts on a daily basis.

I see young athletes (parents not excluded) wanting to play at the highest levels but want to cut corners and not address the essentials of what it really takes to become not just a better athlete but a person who develops true grit.

Everyday you are laying the bricks down of your own house.

When you lack the patience and consistent drive that will get you there in the long run, it comes at an expense.

Build wisely.