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How My First Homerun Lead to Striking Out: A Lesson on Being Consistent.

My first experience playing organized sports was playing baseball. It was my first time playing anything competitively.

Now, I was never the best player on the team, but I was pretty athletic.

Though at the time, I did not understand how unique the sport of baseball was..

And I’ll never forget my first home run.

It was one of the best feelings but at the time one of the worst things that could have happened to me.


Because from then on, every time I was at bat I would always try to hit a home run.

And ended up hitting a serious slump for almost an entire season.

At the time I wasn’t able to process the strategies behind baseball, which was..

While it’s good to knock balls out of the park, it is even better just to be able to hit the ball and get on base consistently.

I wasn’t going to have a big hit every bat. But if I could just hit a grounder or line drive every game consistently, then those little accomplishments would add up and not only increase my confidence and efficiency as a player, but as a teammate.

To this day I find myself in similar situations, procrastinating doing projects because I want them to be perfect the first time. Be a home run essentially jabbing at my confidence, when instead I should just be focusing on getting done one thing at a time untilĀ I accomplish what I want to do as a whole.

The process is not always glorious but you get things done and move forward consistently by getting the small things done.

The same holds true for your fitness, athletic, even professional goals.

EVERYONE wants to shed that fat but wants it immediately overnight not realizing that it is a process that requires doing the small things right like dieting and training consistently to make it happen.

Athletes want to make it to that next level not realizing it’s about doing the small things consistently that will get you there.

You have to be consistent in doing the SMALL things right for the BIG dream to come into fruition.

In baseball, yea home runs are great. But consistent hitters make great players.

Be consistent in what you want to accomplish and they will all add up to your ultimate success.

Just get on base every game.