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A Few Words for the Up and Coming Athlete

Here are some random pieces of advice for the rising athlete:

  • The one who usually wins the competition are the ones who devote time to preparing better. Have a good support system around you. It makes all of the difference.
  • Social media is a stream of snapshots of people’s PERCEIVED lives. Don’t be fooled or motivated by the false perception.
  • Pick one thing to get better at every week. Don’t stay the same.
  • Working out is probably one of the best habits that you will ever have in life. Take pride in that if you are already doing it. Need help just hit us up.
  • Don’t be afraid to question things. If it doesn’t make sense, then respectfully ask and get the data.
  • When you find a good coach/mentor in your life, keep in touch with them. It is rare to find someone, outside of parents, who devote their lives to your improvement. Keep in touch with them.
  • Don’t do the same sport year-round in middle school and high school. Trust me.
  • More and more “trainers” are spawning seemingly out of nowhere. Choose wisely.
  • When it comes to your gym and training, I can promise you that if you train neurally first, the strength and gains, and speed will come. This is the base. Hit us help if you need help with that.
  • Don’t confuse frequent content with useful content. Just because someone posts on IG everyday about their workout experience, does not make them an expert. Follow wisely.

Thats really it.