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Coach Willis Invited to Meet the Hungarian National Football Team

While I was recently on vacation in Hungary with family, I had a tremendous opportunity to meet the Hungarian football team that will represent the entire country in next year’s International tournament, where they will face teams from the USA, Mexico, Canada, and several others.

In the midst of their first week of training camp, I got to meet the coaches, put the entire team through several warm up drills, look on as they executed practice and offer some insight to the coaches and players as needed, and share some words about my personal journey with football and inspire some of the players.

I was literally honored to have been invited to meet the team and even more impressed at the culture of football that they are building not only in that city but in the country. American football is not necessarily the most watched sport there, but they are building a great foundation for the future. I look forward to a continued relationship with the coaches, team, and staff, and bringing the WPT philosophy global.

I apologize for the vertical horizontal video 🙂