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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before, During, and After Your Fitness Journey

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before, During, and After Your Fitness Journey

Sometimes achieving what you want involves asking yourself what I call perspective questions.

Perspective helps you visualize what you are capable of, what stands in your way, and create plans of action.

Applicable to any type of journey.

Question #1

What is it that I want?

Obviously you need to know what you are working for in order to get it.

Be specific in your goals.

The more concise you are, the more real it will feel, anchoring your emotion with the outcome.

Be clear. Be realistic. Plan and take action.

Question #2

What is the biggest obstacle that might stand in the way?

Here you gauge potential barriers that happen during the journey.

In doing this, and seeing what MAY happen, you start mentally preparing how you will handle the obstacle.

While this may seem like an insignificant step, the outcome is greatly changed.

A big reason why many people “fail” or give up after a while is because they hit road blocks they did not anticipate.

Have you ever been driving and hit unexpected traffic?

What if you used google maps or waze ahead of time and you het rerouted around the traffic?

Time saved. Destination reached.

This question, in a way, serves as your mobile navigation app.

Question #3

What is ONE thing that I can do today to edge me closer?

If you ask yourself this question daily, or every time a distraction happens, you realize that certain things will always be in your control.

Work might be draining. The evening comes and you feel exhausted.

Ask yourself Question 3

You ate “terribly” for lunch. Ask question #3

It’s significant because it puts things into perspective, and challenges you to think about the possibilities that exist that are always in your control.

Not everyday will be perfect. But you can overcome simply by asking these few questions to keep yourself accountable and on track.