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Are You A Thrower That Forgets to Train This?

Rotational athletes are categorized as athletes that heavily recruit the musculature of the trunk in high-speed situations for athletic skills. This would include sports such as lacrosse, baseball, softball, combat sports like boxing, tennis, any throwing athletes, and even swimmers.

Regarding strength training to perform at a high level for these types of athletes, most of the time, and justifiably so, there tends to be a focus on training the trunk rotators to increase power in that plane of motion.

Exercises might include pallof presses, Russian twists, or some type of med ball variation. Fair.

However, even though the core pays a huge role in transferring force, there is one part of the body that should not be overlooked: toe extension

You read this correct.

This is where the force begins. This is the base in which you push off in order to begin the movement. And you will only be able to push off only as much the foot can tolerate, or the toe can extend.

Think about it. If you freeze frame a pitcher just before he is about to release the ball, note the extension of the toes of the rear foot. They are flexed in order to better anchor that limb in a position to produce the highest output.

Exercises like simple toe raises, or isometric holds can increase toe strength and literally help you produce more power during any activity requiring high speed rotation. Not to mention this peripherally will help to increase speed in sprinters.

Sometimes you have to see the whole picture, think outside of the box, and incorporate specific training to really improve global performance.

Train them toes!