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Battle of the Wolves: A Parable on Life and Fitness

An Indian Chief was teaching his grandson about life.

“There is a battle going on inside of me,” he was telling his grandson. “It is an intense fight between two wolves, each trying vigorously to win.

One wolf is evil, filled with hate, envy, ego, temper, regret, worry, anxiety, self loathing, pessimism, and greed.

The other wolf is good. He is filled with optimism, joy, peace, empathy, care, positivity, grace, determination, faith, truth, and compassion.”

The grandchild thought about it for a few minutes, and then asks, “Which wolf will win grandfather?”

And the great chief answers simply,

“Whichever one you decide to feed.”


We each have similar battles going on inside of us. Some internal battles so intense, they can be debilitating.

You want to begin something, but you are afraid to fail. Self doubt.

You want to begin your gym routine, but you get anxiety thinking about how you might feel around other people. Low self esteem.

You want to begin working on that business but constantly think, “What if it goes wrong”

You feed the negative wolf.

But how about a little shift in perspective?

What if you focused more on everything that could go right, and let that be the driver?

Your business idea turning into a success.

You focus more on how much better you feel and look rather than what you look like in light of other people at the gym.

Feed the good wolf.


Everyday you are either feeding the evil wolf or the bad wolf.

Negativity causes you to only see the glass as half empty.

Optimism positions you to view things as if you are just getting started.

Which one are you feeding?