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Observations and Thoughts on the Fitness-Scape in Hungary

Having lived just over a year in here in Budapest, there are a few consistencies here that I have noticed I strongly believe that not only keep training professionals from reaching their fullest potential, but also their clients the results they deserve.

Now, not EVERY trainer that I have seen falls into the forthcoming categories, but the majority of them do.

It is worth noting objectively, that the behaviors and standards of the local training professional are in part reflective of the culture and standards they may have lived with.

I truly believe that regardless of the country, there are tenets as a training pro that are a constant in creating an IMPACTFUL service that will alter customers well beyond the superficial, and keep them for life.

Here we go:

1.) Be a good human, and be authentic. If you are an asshole, fine. Just be one all of the time so it’s consistent with who you really are[

2.) Be present when you are training your client. When you are on your phone religiously, and not even watching them while they Train, you aren’t worth their time.

3.) It is about (or should be) your client. Not you. Your consistent postsĀ  that highlight your own body, and not the results you get for people could be turning away potential great clients for you.

4.) Training to look like a body builder or “fitness model” is not fitness. Sometimes not even healthy. The majority of people around you want to be fit, but not look like a Scitec advertisement.

5.) The term “functional training” is overused. Stop using it.

6.) Invest time in creating customer service. This is a void that you have a huge opportunity to separate yourself from most other trainers. Don’t view your customers as transactions but as relationships. Make their life better, and make their life easier.

7.) Last but not least, take pride in what you do. Constantly improve and find ways to separate yourself as just a “trainer”. If you are serious, then don’t be a hobbyist, be a training professional. This alone will help you to have a thriving, and self fulfilling business more than any other thing.

The power in these reach beyond these borders and will have a significant impact on any trainer’s business.