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Orange Theory Fitness: A Misunderstood Comparison

I was asked an interesting question the other day by one of our fitness members who  approached me about a friend who asked her what the difference between Willis Performance Training and Orange Theory Fitness was.

I’ll start with the obvious:

We are not a studio gym.

You won’t find a line of treadmills.

You won’t find row machines.

You won’t find a coach with a headset microphone attached to loud speakers.

You won’t be attached to a heart rate monitor blue tooth connected to a flat screen monitor to see your heart rate zone.

Not at WPT.

Orange Theory Fitness has an extremely great concept by focusing on high intensity interval training and aiming to elevate Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).

It is a high energy environment that is non stop.

However the main difference between Willis Performance Training and OTF, or ANY other gym for that matter starts with our Mission Statement:

“To enhance athlete and non-athlete performance through a science based,  multidisciplinary approach to training while educating and inspiring the community through compassion, integrity, and heartfelt service”

This is the backbone of our system and everything we do ensures that our Mission is executed to the best of our ability.

As far a training goes, yes we do utilize high intensity training when necessary or when we are in that phase.

However that is not the basis of our training program.

What we offer is a full out strength and conditioning program geared towards complete fitness using micro and mesocycles as well as periodization and variable intensity.

Programs are designed to enhance strength, increase muscle, burn fat, create energy, pain management, and correct imbalances in the body.

Some weeks are high intensity, some weeks are low intensity with a heavy weight focus.

Training cycles are put together to elicit specific and intended responses from the body.

Nothing new. Just principle based.

We take the time to assess, evaluate, and establish goals on a monthly basis.

More than just monitoring heart rate, we monitor overall movement and joint integrity and adjust accordingly for overall enhancement.

Do we use weights? Yes.

Heavy? On occasion when the member is READY.

Do we run? Yes.

We do agility? Yes.

Are we a $20 per month type of gym? Heck no. You get what you pay for.

Is it hardcore everyday? No. We vary  the intensity of the program and implement recovery days/weeks and progressive intensity and movement.


Even with all of the “science” and “principle” behind our training systems, it is the community and environment that we take pride in.

We educate.

We inspire.

We motivate.

We highlight.

We stay connected.


Everything from our private social media groups, to our very inspirational emails and newsletters, to workshops, to networking, to our monthly articles and blog posts, to filming our in house mini series highlighting our members and athletes and recognizing people for their hard work and breaking down the exercise of the week.

Even offering additional materials such as Nutritional Guides and Goal Sheets for everyone.

We want to establish a community that provides exact resources for everyone to stay motivated, informed, inspired, and goal oriented like our mission says.

This we ensure happens inside and out of the gym.

Now, this is NOT a rant about what each company does not have and who is better as EACH of them have the opportunity to change someone’s life.

This is just an answer to a great question.

That is it.

We are not a franchise or a studio gym.

We are an authentic, rapidly growing training and sports facility available to anyone who believes in coaching combined with precise training as a solution to their needs and who loves community and fun in the process.

There you go.

If you would like more info on our Adult Fitness Program, please visit