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Fitness Client Highlight: Steven Morrison

Group fitness member Steven Morrison has been invested in the WPT Group Fitness program for almost a year and has seen significant gains in his strength, but also significant loss in his weight and body fat percentage.

In the span of a year, Steven has lost 30 pounds and has dropped and kept off 5 percent bodyfat.

Here is what Steven has to say about his journey here at WPT:

Name: Steven Morrison
Age: 19years old
Occupation: Server

Why did you join Willis Performance Training?

I joined WPT because I wanted to gain back some confidence with myself physically. Growing up, I was always the “chubby guy” in the group and when I started going to the gym in high school for football, I had gotten a taste of what it was like living a healthy lifestyle. After graduating, I started to become lazy and I abandoned working out regularly and I really didn’t focus on myself. So after a couple of people from work started going I made the decision to give it a shot and to try it out and I don’t regret doing it.

How long have you been training at WPT?

I’ve been training for just over a year at WPT

What kind of training do you do at the gym?

The type of training we do not only leaves everyone bent over trying to catch their breath, but also can be modified and tweaked for any age, weight and gender that walks in to train. It works for everyone.

How much of a difference do you feel from Day 1 until now?

I started out at 195 on day 1 and I am currently 165 and stronger than I ever was at my starting weight

How much bodyfat have you dropped?

My body fat was 17.5 and I last measured at just under 13%

Who would you recommend this program for?

I would recommend this program to literally anyone from a seasoned athlete trying to improve mobility, an 80 year old trying to stay active and everyone in between. The program works around your specific needs and can exploit what needs improvement every day.
The atmosphere at every class is always laid back but whenever it’s time to work, everyone locks in and gets the task done.