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Tone Up with These 4 Exercises Right from Home

The lockdown is real. The majority of gyms have closed down indefinitely. So you might not have access to all of the equipment that you use, and are in a bind on finding exercises besides burpees and crunches to get good work in.

Welp, here are 4 exercises that you can do with just socks, a towel, and slick enough floors like tile, hardwood, laminate.



A great exercise for hamstring strength. You can place your heels on top of a towel on the floor for these and do the exact same thing here in the video.

Set your feet just wider than hip width apart, raise your hips fully and contract your glutes, holding your hips in this position throughout the exercise.

Slowly slide your heels away from you while trying to press your heels through the ground, keeping your hamstring fully engaged. Extend as far as you can control, and slowly pull your heels back into starting position.

Your rep range can be anywhere from 10-50 reps depending on your condition and overall goals. This can also be done for time.

Just beware, it will burn.



The alternating slides are a different variation of the standard heel slides. Set up and execution are the exact same except now you will extend and pull just one leg at a time.

This is an excellent exercise to isolate each leg and build single leg strength and endurance. Over time you can eventually do a “sprint pace” and really build endurance.



A full body challenge that incorporates every muscle and joint in the body.

Start standing tall, with your feet on top of your towel, OR these can be done in your socks. Slowly load the hips and squat down, and extend your hands to the ground. Almost into a frog stance.

From this position, slide your feet back until your hips are fully extended and you are in a push up position. Then pull your feet back underneath your hips with your feet solidly planted on the ground, and stand back up!

Depending on your physical shape, I recommend anywhere between 5-20 reps for 2-3 sets, complexed between exercises.


The Slider get up with mountain climber builds off of the slider get up from above with some added spice. Once you are in push up position, you will just do two mountain climbers before pulling both feet back in to stand up. As you advance, you can increase the amount of mountain climbers during each rep.

These are just a few of the exercises that you can do right from home with minimal equipment and still get great work in.

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Drop me a comment below and let me know which of these exercises you would most likely try first.

Stay healthy!