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You only get one chance to do this thing we call “life” right. One time through it all, that’s it.

A lot of people turn down options they have as they are growing because of several possible reasons. While those may be viable reasons, it doesn’t mean that particular opportunity will arise again in life, no matter what may have caused the person to pass on the chance.

The point is, you only have one life and you better live it up and pay attention to the OPPORTUNITIES that are presented to you. Because they may not present themselves again.

These opportunities are different for everyone: college, relationships, jobs, sports; it doesn’t matter. If you are presented a chance to have something valuable in life or take something to the next step, you need to take a minute and ponder on what you want to do.

And, if you decide to step up and take the opportunity that has been given you, make sure you go ABOVE AND BEYOND to accomplish your mission; this does not mean you have to do this alone…

If it’s with college, get the best grades possible that you can earn, even if it takes tutoring.

If it’s with relationships, give whomever it may be all you have to the best of your ability, even it takes consulting your friends on the best advice.

If it’s with a job, make sure to give it your all and know the business/position inside and out, even if you have to ask questions daily.

If it’s with sports, become the best athlete you can be, even it takes coaching and training outside of practice TO BE ELITE.

Regardless of your given opportunity, seize with TENACITY, do not let go, and take every step you can take to make the most of your big chance.