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Fitness Client Highlight: Kayla Buchanan

For the past 2 months, Kayla has been apart of our Online Coaching program, while living out of state in Texas.

Every day, her training schedule is mapped out for her and she knows exactly what to do when she sets foot in the gym using our mobile and desktop app.

Because her workouts are accommodated to not only her personal fitness goals, but also the style of workouts that she enjoys the most, she has reaped great results form her program while keeping it fun.

Check out what Kayla has to say about her experience using our Online Coaching Program.

Name: Kayla B.
Age: 28
Occupation: Environmental Scientist
Residence: Texas

What were your goals initially?


What have results have you achieved with Online Training so far?

“Down 5lbs. More definition in my arms and legs especially. My strength has gone up. And I am more confident going to the gym because I have a plan now”

What hesitations did you have before starting online training?

“I’ve previously trained with Armond before so I didn’t really have any reservations before starting. I wasn’t sure how the app was going to work, and was unsure about the level of intensity involved in the workouts, but our initial discussion gave me more insight about what to expect.”

What could I keep doing to make the program more enjoyable?

“Your encouraging messages and videos are ALWAYS motivating”

What would you tell someone who is on the fence about trying our Online Coaching Program?

“I would tell them that if you are serious about improving your fitness and hitting goals, and like the personal coaching feel and encouragement, then go for it! The workouts can be tailored to whatever equipment that you have available and coach’s accessibility through the app is great which was important for me. Coach Willis’ online program is way worth it and not your typical program. You get WAYY more than you expect. If you like going to the gym but want a custom and highly professional plan to follow, then this is a must! Hidden gem.”

Way to go Kayla !


If you are interested in hearing more about our Online Coaching program, I would love to help. Fill out our Online Training form HERE and a coach will reach out to you.