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3 Things to Consider When Starting Your Training Program

Before beginning your fitness training plan, there are a few things to ask yourself in order to really make the most of your journey. Pinpointing the answers to these few questions will you to create more crisp goals, while sharpening your strategies to get there.
Are you trying to lose weight? Get stronger? Trim? All of these.What you do and the amount you do ultimately is dependent on what you are trying to achieve.If your goal is to just have more energy, but all you do is run run and run, then you won’t have the most amount of energy you can have.

Even if your are trying to lose weight, resistance training is necessary to stimulate muscle growth.

Muscle growth means more lean mass. More lean mass equals a higher metabolism. Higher metabolism promotes better weight loss.

So, when trying to decide which is better, figure out what it is EXACTLY you are trying to do first.

For the most part, you should incorporate both for a balanced program.

2.) How Much Time Are You Willing to Make to Workout?

No matter what your fitness goals are, at the end of the day, it is about making the time to reach them.

The most common reason people have for not making it to the gym is because they did not have the time.

Rather than just highlighting the fact that you make time for what matters to you, I’ll iterate that workouts don’t have to be hours long to be productive.

You can have effective workouts right from your own bed room in just 15 minutes per day that will get you stronger and losing body fat, with minimal to no equipment.

So when it comes to time, you have shift your frame of mind in terms of how you view the required time to actually workout. It doesn’t have to be long.

3.) Understand There Really Is No Single BEST Way To TrainĀ 

With so many different methodologies and philosophies floating around, it can be tough to decide what is the BEST way to train for you.

Should you do High Intensity Interval Training?

Should you have a split routine only working certain body parts everyday?

Should you only do cardio?

Do you only do spin class and yoga?

CrossFit? Orange Theory?

Strength Train?

Each of these training modalities have their benefits while also having their weaknesses.

It again all depends on what your goals are.

I am a firm believer in having a balance between different types of training.

While I believe strength training is essential for any athlete OR fitness enthusiast, cardio is also important as it trains a different energy system necessary to recover.

High intensity interval training is effective, maybe just NOT on a daily basis. HOWEVER, if you are trying to get results quicker, doing it frequently can be beneficial.

One common theme I come across from people is having split routines where you train arms one day, back and biceps the next, quads and calves the next.

This isn’t necessarily the best way for everyone, but it does have its strengths as it allows for better recovery between muscle groups. However, this routine is best for body builders and physique competitors, BUT still can be cycled in to a general fitness program.

The keys are to have a balanced program that gives you the right doses of everything you need to sustain long term gains, and accelerate short term goals when and where necessary.

Always remember to be clear on your goals so you know not only how to steer the ship to get there, but also what kind of boat to use in the first place.

Carve out the necessary time to work out, even if it is just for 5 minutes. It’s easy to come up with reasons why you can’t train, but it’s also harder to start doing something the longer you put it off.

Have a plan. Be consistent. Finish what you start.