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Most Trainers Don’t Study Exercise

Most “trainers” don’t know what the hell they are doing.

Quite a thing to say, I know.

But it’s not their fault.

It’s the perpetual absorption and the speed and unregulated promulgation of info that circulates on social media.

We humans have a tendency to not always believe what is true but believe more the sheer redundancy of information.

Aka, we tend to believe what we “see” the most.

What “sounds” the best.

What other people like us say “worked best for them”

Maybe you did or did not notice.

Well, in the “fitness” world, this creates a bit of a problem.

True result driven performance is based around 5 things: biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, nutrition FUNDAMENTALS and most importantly all-star coaching.

And they are ALL tied together.

Let me ask you this, specifically if you have ever tried a bootcamp, or gone to a “hard core gym”:

What exercises did you do?

Were you even evaluated before starting? (And no not just body weight)

If not, I have news for you that will be tough to absorb:

The “trainers” don’t really care about you OR exercise.

How can they if they are not devoted to studying it rather than just recite what they come to accept as a norm?

Our brand-new Adult Performance SGT program for that very frustrated adult tired the bootcamp only mentality and are passed just wanting to “look” good but want to feel good and perform well in life around maybe injuries you have.

This will no doubt be the best small group training solution offered in our area for an exclusive group of people.

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