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Traits of a Successful Athlete..

The higher the level of play for any athlete, the higher the level of dedication and determination.

Elite athletes devoted to their craft ALL have certain characteristics in common that make them successful athletes.

From young athletes at the high school level to professional athletes, they make decisions on a daily basis that keep them performing at high levels.

Here are a few of the traits that they have in common:

1.) They don’t make excuses. They find ways to get things done, not reasons why they couldn’t. They take responsibility for their own destiny.

2.) They put work in for their the goals that they set. There is no such thing as saying they want something and not putting in the work for it.

3.) They are not easily distracted. They are so driven to get better that it’s tough to pull them off track.

4.) There is no such thing as waiting until practice to get better. Even though elite athletes recognize that practice is an opportunity to get better, it is also an opportunity practice what they have been working on during their own time. They realize it takes more than just a regular practice.

5.) Elite athletes never get complacent. Each day is a chance to either get better, or get worse. They are either getting closer to their goals, or they aren’t. It is a mindset for them.


Even though elite athletes typically play on the highest levels, if you want to get to that level, then adopt that mindset early.

Stop finding reasons why not and establish reasons why you should.

Whether for sport, your own personal fitness, even academically, it applies.

Try implementing these traits on a daily basis to start establishing yourself as an elite athletes AND person.