Small Group Fitness

Small Group Training

Our group training program delivers the same signature workouts as our private training program, just in a group setting. You get great results, coaching, and another layer of motivation from your peers. This is the best option if you enjoy working with like minded people, you like the thought of “training like an athlete”, and want to ease back in to training. Need further convincing? Check the benefits below.

Get Great Results!

Workouts Are Fun and Dynamic

Cost Effective
You may not have the budget for personal training, but still want an in-person training experience with an added benefit of a great atmosphere and coaching. You save money and still get great results.

Great Support System
Between your coach and your new workout buddies, you will always be motivated. You get to work with individuals who have the same goals and drive as you. We also have a private Facebook group and a world class mobile app with additional training resources just for you.

Real Training
Don’t be confused, our group fitness program is based on the same training principles we use heavily for our athletes. Workouts are fun, dynamic, according to our members “never bland”. You will have a real sense of accomplishment after every session.

Nutritional Guidance
Poor eating behavior is the root of most people’s struggles. We provide Nutritional Playbooks to each group fitness member with educational resources and accountability sheets we check every Friday. While not as comprehensive as our Nutritional Coaching program, it has proven extremely effective.




Experience workouts that are tailored to your needs and personal fitness goals. Get the individual attention you need to transform your body and get the results you have always wanted.

  • We Goal Set and Strategize
  • We Assess and Determine The Best Starting Point
  • We Create and Execute The Training Blueprint for Your Success

Try our 28 day athlete
Jumpstart Program for only $197

  • Includes 16 Athlete Small Sessions
  • Performance Assessment and Evaluation
  • Individualized Speed and Strength Training Program
  • Unlimited Virtual Training Academy Access
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