Reflexive Performance Reset

Reflexive Performance Reset

If you consistently suffer from pulled muscles, feel like you have terrible flexibility, and feel like this takes away from your performance, RPR can help restore your muscles to their full potential. Using special reset points on the body, you will immediately be able fix poor compensation patterns and instantly move better, reduce pain, increase strength, and move faster. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. See how it works.

Nervous System First
Before any movement can occur, the brain sends an electrical signal through the spine for the muscle to contract. Through hitting reset points across the body, you ensure muscles turn on and instantly become more receptive, improving synergy between the nervous system and muscles.

Restore Compensation Patterns
Poor movement patterns are often the cause of soft tissue injuries. A muscle may not be firing properly, causing the body to compensate to work around the dysfunction. RPR restores the muscle function and improves the compensation.

Immediate Results
No exaggeration here. After finding and hitting your reset points, you will immediately feel and see results.

Who Is RPR For?

In short, everyone. Whether you are the nine to fiver who experiences neck or back pains when you stand up from your desk, or you are the elite athlete who tends to always suffer from muscle pulls or strains, RPR can work. We have helped numerous athletes hit new personal bests in the weight room and field, and fitness enthusiast reduce pain.

How I Can Work With You?

As the only Level 2 Reflexive Specialist in the area, I can help you to pinpoint your dysfunction and help restore you to a better state using RPR. We do an in-depth assessment doing various muscles response and range of motion test, hit your resets manually, and reassess. You walk away feeling better than you did when you walked in. The best part is I teach you how to do this on your own and you have this self-empowering tool for a lifetime. Perform before your games, practices, training sessions, even work.




Experience workouts that are tailored to your needs and personal fitness goals. Get the individual attention you need to transform your body and get the results you have always wanted.

  • We Goal Set and Strategize
  • We Assess and Determine The Best Starting Point
  • We Create and Execute The Training Blueprint for Your Success

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